Are you looking for the perfect Valentine? They’re right at your feet! There is no one more loyal than your FUR-ever friend, your reBARKable pet, your dog! Those of us that are lucky enough to share our lives with our pets know that there is no one better to love, cherish, and spoil than our pups. Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember by planning a few PUPtactular dates that you and your pet can enjoy. We’ve compiled a list of 5 date ideas you can do to show your pet how much you love them.


Your four-legged-friend deserves a day out in the fresh air, and so do you! Take advantage of this Valentine’s Day by planning a picnic date! Not only will you enjoy your time out in nature snacking on an incredible spread of cheese and jam (and maybe some wine, too!), your pup will also appreciate being able to prance outside in the grass, play and come back to his favorite PAWson. Love this idea but don’t know what to bring? Check out Bark Post’s 14 Essentials For A Perfect Picnic With Your Dog. We love the tip on getting a picnic blanket that can transform into a dog bed and a car protector on the way home. If the weather isn’t permitting of this outing, bring the picnic indoors! Put some nature sounds on the tv and create a perfect picnic space in any area of your place that you’d like! You can still enjoy your picnic foods from the comfort of your own home.


Dinner dates are a staple for Valentine’s Day dates. However, a lot of restaurants don’t allow pets in their restaurants. Look for a pet-friendly cafe that has outdoor space where you can both enjoy a special meal. Need ideas for where to take your pup on your one-on-one date? Check out one of our previous blogs on dog-friendly places in New York. We mention a lovely French cafe that will give you all the romantic feels! Deux Amis is a friendly French Café in New York that makes you feel like you’re in Paris. If you’re unable to (or don’t want to go out), then you can easily recreate the dinner experience with a DIY doggy date.


You can put no more love into a meal than when you make it yourself. Going to a restaurant can be fun, but being able to cook up a delicious pet-friendly meal personally is sure to get your dog’s tail wagging. You can be as clean or as messy as you want, and let’s be real...one of you may get food in their fur. We’ve found the site, Greatist, which has delectable meals you can make for your pup that is healthy and human-grade. For an after-dinner dessert, why not try frozen yogurt dog treats in precious heart shapes? These treats will win them over and lock them in as your Valentine’s date every year!


We like floppy ears, puppy dog eyes, and long walks on the beach...sound familiar? Why not make your Valentine’s Day fun and active, too? No matter whether you take your pet to the beach at sunrise, mid-day, or at sunset, they’ll be running, jumping, and playing in pure excitement. Don’t forget to bring a blanket for your vehicle on the way home; otherwise, your car will turn into a secondary beach! Embark has some great resources on what you should bring, prepare for, and tips on preparing for other dogs. @Sir.adley is ready to pucker up this Valentine’s, and he’s already waiting on the beach! Check him and his adorable v-day beads on his Instagram. We understand the weather is a bit cold in some areas, so if you can’t get to the beach due to the weather, try creating your own indoor beach day with toys that’ll bring the sunshine inside.


Make sure this Valentine’s a day gets filled with things both you and your pup fall in love with this year. How about a special box of v-day themed items? While a box of chocolates is a big no-no to give to your pup, our Bonne et Filou macarons are the pawfect addition to a handmade gift basket to give your pet this Valentine’s Day. Our two perfect Valentine’s Day flavors are our all-natural Rose Macarons and Strawberry Macarons, which are the ideal pink shades to add to your pup’s unique v-day gift basket. We’re also proud to announce that we’re collaborating with Petals and Tails this holiday to bring you all-natural CBD products to pamper your pet. Make sure to stick a product or two in your basket. We also implore you to add some heart-themed toys like those from Jax and Bones and Organic Pet Boutique. Once they tear through the basket, watch out, no doubt there’ll be wet kisses coming your way!

Happy Valentine’s Day From Bonne et Filou

We RUFF you! Thank you for being a part of our Bonne et Filou family. We hope that no matter where you spend your Valentine’s Day, you are surrounded by puppy love and kisses. Share your PAWdorable V-Day photos with us over on Instagram at @BonneetFilou! We’re always looking for new #Dogfluencers to work with our brand. Are you next? Let us know by contacting us via our contact page.