CHEW-sing The Right Toy for Your Dog

You want the best for your dog. Everything from dog food to treats to collars, you want them to feel like the products that you’ve spent so much time researching and carefully selecting was made just for them. Choosing the right toys for your dogs is no different. Did you know choosing an appropriate toy for your dog can actually impact their activity levels? Toys can be too big, too small, and just plain boring! It is important to not just grab any old toy from the pet store because what is right for some, may not be right for all. After all, the mark of a good toy is that it is safe for them to play with, and durable for hours of fun -- which may look different depending on your dog. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right plaything for your beloved pup. 

Make Sure Your Toy is the Right Size

If a dog can’t fit a toy in their mouths, they won’t play with it. The next time you are shopping for toys, consider the toys your dog already has. Are they able to comfortably hold them in their mouths? If not, you may want to scale down a bit. Likewise, if a toy is too small for your dog, it can become a choking hazard. Most toy packages will give you a good estimate of the size and weight of the dog the toy is appropriate for. Pay close attention to this label and your dog’s personal preference for the best fit.

Keep your Dog’s Age in Mind

If you have a new puppy, there is never a dull moment. Your puppy will need to be stimulated at all times, so it is important that you choose a toy that will keep their brains challenged. There are all sorts of treat puzzles and rewarding games that will nurture your new puppy’s developing brain and will keep them occupied for hours of independent play. As your dog outgrows their puzzles, try advancing them to more challenging ones -- there are all sorts of variations available to grow with your pet and keep their minds sharp! We recommend Trixie Pet Puzzles and strategy games by Trixie Pet Products. These toys offer several games to keep your dog engaged, all while earning their favorite treats! Check it out here.

(Pictured: TRIXIE Flip Board)

Another thing to consider when choosing an age-appropriate toy for your dog is their teeth. Remember that your new puppy will still have their baby teeth, and shouldn’t be tackling anything too hard too soon. Once your puppy is done teething (and surely gone through a LOT of stuffed animals and chew toys) they may be ready for harder rubber toys, and some more energetic play. It is still important to keep a close eye on them, if you notice any fraying knots, damaged pieces or pieces falling off, it’s time for some new toys. As your dog gets older, keep in mind that their jaw and teeth strength may not be what it used to be. Ask your vet for their recommendation and consider switching back to softer toys to still encourage play safely. 


Keep Your Dog’s Preferences in Mind

Nobody knows your dog like you do. With just a simple look, you can tell what they’re thinking so keep their personality in mind when looking for the perfect toy. Whether your dog is the type to rip their new stuffed toy to shreds or nurture it like a baby, they have their preference which believe it or not, ties back to their natural instincts! If you want to get a better feel for what they like, try hiding some toys and reintroducing them later so you can see how they react to it and their other toys when they think it’s brand new. Keep an eye on how they play, and get to know their playful side.


At Bonne et Filou, we believe in the best of the best for your dog from treats to toys. Use these tips and find a toy they will love!