What says 'love' more than handmade dog treats? Taking the time out of your day to make handmade dog treats is the perfect thank you to the pup that is always by our side. Some would even say that making dog treats for your four-legged friend is a luxury! One appeal to making your own treats is that you know exactly what is in them. That's why at Bonne et Filou, we believe our dog macarons come as close to handmade dog treats as possible. 

Our macarons are all handmade right here in the United States. We use local ingredients that your dog will love, and you'll like that it is healthy for them. Just like your own handmade dog treats, we do not add any artificial ingredients or flavors. Our macarons are 100% simple and natural. The base of our dog macarons are three all-natural ingredients: honey, oat flour, and coconut oil. There are three choices of filling flavors, natural strawberry yogurt, natural mint yogurt, and natural lavender yogurt. Our handmade dog treats are healthy for dogs and care corn-free, wheat-free, and sourced from local suppliers. These macarons are perfect for your pet's balanced diet. 

When you make handmade dog treats, you should be using precisely what you would eat! All of our dog macarons are made of human-grade ingredients your dog will love! Bonne et Filou believes that all dogs should be treated like royalty. That is why we create 100% natural dog macarons that will satisfy your pups 'sweet tooth and maintain their healthy nutrients. 

Handmade dog treats and food have been around since the bond between person and dog began. Our name, Bonne et Filou, is actually the name of two dogs that lived in the French palace and lived like kings. Their owner King Louis XIV hired a personal chef to make Bonne and Filou handmade dog treats and food every day! 

Our handmade dog treats are the perfect gift for the dog in your life. Great for dog birthdays, weddings, and holidays! Our dog macarons are designed for a long-lasting chew your dog will love! 

These handmade dog treats wouldn't be as delicious if you didn't have a choice between three delicious yogurt flavors, lavender, mint, and strawberry. Our all-natural Lavender yogurt flavor provides subtle floral tastes. The calming purple shade embodies royalty and relaxation. All-natural mint yogurt filling will have you loving it just as much as your pet! This cooling mint will calm even the worst case of doggie breath. Our strawberry yogurt filling will make your dog feel like it's spring all year long!

Making your own dog treats can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are trying to make a treat as beautiful as it is tasty! Let us hand-make your dog treats! We make a pure 100% natural dog treat that gives your dog a long-lasting chew with delicious flavor. Pick from three or get a variety pack so your dog can try them all! Order them a healthy dog treat they won't be able to get enough of. Macarons are a staple of french luxury, and handmade dog macarons will have your dog thinking they are a royal pet in a French palace.