Are you attending a pup birthday or doggy wedding, but you can't find the perfect dog gift? Bonne et Filou's all-natural dog macarons are the perfect cute dog treats that are perfect for any occasion. Our dog macarons are made for 100% all-natural and locally sourced ingredients located in the United States. These cute dog treats look so much like the ones humans eat; you'll want to take a bite yourself.

These French-inspired dog treats are handmade and healthy for your pup. There are three delicious macaron flavors to choose from lavender, strawberry, and mint. Our calming lavender filling is made of 100% natural yogurt that is sure to spark your pup's interest. Our mint dog macarons filling is made from an all-natural mint yogurt that will tame even the harshest of doggy breath. Last but not least, our strawberry filled macarons will have your dog daydreaming of summer days with the fresh tang of all-natural strawberry yogurt. It might be hard to settle on just one macaron flavor, and that's why we've created a combo of our cute dog treats. Your dog is sure to find their favorite macaron flavor! You'll be able to subscribe and save 10% on your pup's new beloved cute dog treats right on our website. 

At Bonne et Filou, we are all about pampering our pups! That is why we only use human-grade ingredients in our cute dog treats. Our cookie base is made from oat flour, honey, and coconut oil. While the fillings are filled with a delightfully colored pastel yogurt of your choice: lavender, mint, or strawberry. Our dog macarons are 100% natural, do not contain any preservatives or artificial colors, are entirely wheat-free and corn-free, and they are even endorsed by vets! These healthy dog treats don't only do good for your dog, but they also taste great for them too! 

Each of our boxes of dog macarons comes with six macarons that offer your dog a 10 - 15-minute satisfying chew! Have a little dog? They'll be able to savor the flavor even longer. Cut up your macaron to the appropriate size, and their fun will last four times as long. Bonne's cute dog treats aren't only appealing to the eye but also their skin, coat, and body!

Just like a snowflake, not one of our macarons are alike! And that is because our cute dog treats are handmade. All of our macarons are made in small batches with locally sourced ingredients, which means each batch is a bit different in looks without compromising quality! Just like baking cookies, they are delicious every time but slightly vary in color and shape. We love that our treats are different because this means quality, craftsmanship, and love is in every dog macaron.

Let us bake and ship our macarons right to your door. We are French-inspired, but we are located right in New York City! We offer standard shipping, express shipping, and even worldwide shipping. Plus, our standard shipping is always free!

Did you know our name Bonne et Filou is actually because of French King Louis XIV? He loved his dogs just as much as we love ours! Bonne and Filou were his royal pups that lived their best lives. They enjoyed lounging around the castle, running through the castle gardens, and even had their very own chef who served them food twice a day! Talk about the good life! We were so inspired by Bonne and Filou that we had to make them our brand name! Cute dog treats deserve to have cute spoiled dogs as their name! Shop now for your dog's new favorite treat today.