Dog biscuits, kibble, boring! It’s time your dog enjoys the finer things in life and experiences the luxury dog treats at Bonne et Filou. You know that your dog was meant to enjoy the lap of luxury, and we’re here to agree with you. Their dog treats should be nothing short of the posh lifestyle that they lead. This is why we’ve created luxury dog treats at Bonne et Filou. The world of pet care and dog treats is flooded with brands that are all the same. We feel that none of these brands properly capture the luxurious lifestyle that you want for your dog, thus Bonne et Filou was born! 

Our luxury dog treats start with only the finest all natural ingredients, and are made right here in the United States. Our recipe centers around 3 simple ingredients: oat flour, honey, and coconut oil. These three ingredients blend together to create a light and palatable delicacy for dogs of all sizes, breeds, or age to enjoy. The best part is while your dogs enjoy our simple formula over delectable lavender, mint, or strawberry flavors, they are enjoying a treat that is good for them! Our treats are indulgent, luxurious, and healthy! Our three ingredient formula creates the building blocks for a healthy diet by promoting a rich healthy fur coat, healthy digestion, and natural energy. Your dog will feel as good as they look eating our luxury dog treats making your home feel like the palace of Versailles. 

Our promise is that our luxury dog treats contain no artificial preservatives or chemicals, it wouldn’t be luxury any other way!  Our product’s shelf life is promised through the natural process of emulsification and will last up to 12 months, after all, a product like this should be savored.

Our Variety of Flavors

Count on Bonne et Filou to maintain it’s hard texture for a long chew as a delectable treat for your little monsieur or cherie. Read more about our 12 delectable flavors, including our 3 best sellers: 

Lavender: Our calming lavender flavor appeals to a subtle floral palette, yet speaks volumes as a haute French pet patisserie. With a calming purple hue, our lavender dog treat embodies the finest French royalty.

Mint: Your pet is the love of your life, if you are going to treat them like the French royalty you always knew they were, why not give them something that will cool even the worst case of doggie breath. Our cooling mint flavor is a subtle and relaxing flavor for your pet to indulge on with every chew.  

Strawberry: Let your dog’s personality shine with our sensational strawberry flavors. After all, if you ask us, strawberries are the creme de la creme of fruits. 

Our brand of the highest quality dog treats are inspired by the lavish pups of French Royalty. None more so than our name sake, King Louis XIV’s loyal companions Bonne and Filou. Our luxury dog treats aim to capture a period in French history where the world was a dog’s paradise. With Bonne et Fliou’s luxury dog treats, your dogs will feel like King Louis’ own royal canine subjects who strutted down the royal hallways in the finest diamonds and satins. From our natural recipe down to our packaging, no effort was spared in bringing this lavish feeling to modern day New York City, and all across the United States. Enjoy all three flavors, or a variety pack of all of them in a golden embossed sleeve fit for a king (or queen). They will look so good, you will want to eat them yourself and, in fact, you can! Our luxury dog treats are made with all human grade ingredients because we believe in only the best for your beloved pup (although we recommend just getting your own human macarons).