At Bonne et Filou, we celebrate all things French! The definition of French pastry, according to Merriam-Webster, is a rich pastry filled especially with custard or fruit. The French macaron inspires our French dog treats, and they look exactly like one a person might eat. Our French dog treats base is made from three premium ingredients oat flour, honey, and coconut oil. The filling for our treats is an all-natural yogurt with your choice of three different flavors mint, lavender, and strawberry. 

The Beginning of French Pastries

French dog treats are all about luxury and royalty. The French saw crafting pastries as an art and what beautiful art it is! Macarons, our favorite french pastry at Bonne et Filou, were first created in 1793. About 227 years later, we believe we've perfected the art of the macaron for our most loyal four-legged friends. 

The Royal Lives Our Dogs Deserve

French dog treats are more than a gift for our dogs. They are a symbol of the treatment we know our dogs deserve. Our name, Bonne et Filou, comes from the names of French King Louis XIV. His dogs Bonne and Filou lived the life of royalty. Bonne loved hunting by day, and Filou lounged around the castle until night. Both slept on satin sheets and wore diamond-studded collars. This luxury life is why our name is Bonne et Filou, and we want our french dog treats to embody the life that Bonne and Filou lived. We may not be able to give our dogs diamond-studded collars, but we can provide them deliciously chewy, all-natural treats.

King Louis XIV wasn't the only French royal that pampered his pups. Both Henri III and Louis XV showed their love for their pets during their reign. Louis XV even had 15 dogs and knew them all by name. Because of his passion for toy poodles, they became acknowledged as France's national pet. French dog treats were surely being made in King Louis XIV's kitchen; he hired a chef to cook for his dogs that were presented to them royally every day. 

The Bonne et Filou Promise

Bonne et Filou promises to give your pampered pup the ultimate royal treatment with our French dog treats. We make our macarons with love and just a dash of sass. The love we put into our french dog treats is there to not only have your pup feeling great but also being healthy. Our passion is 100% natural-ingredients from the United States. The dash of sass is our acknowledgment that all dogs are excellent! No matter what trouble they might get into, we love them and hold them up as the royals they are.

French Dog Treats That Encompass Our Brand Values

Our French dog treats encompass our brand values of French heritage, trust, indulgence, and of course, the highest quality. French cuisine is as close to royal food as it gets. And just like French chefs only use the most high-quality ingredients, so do we. Each french dog treat macaron only has all-natural ingredients oat flour, honey, coconut oil, and an all-natural yogurt filling. We pride ourselves on how both you and your furbaby can trust us when it comes to providing delicious and healthy french dog treats. We source our ingredients with local US suppliers and hand makes our dog macarons right in the United States. Bonne et Filou values indulgence. Like humans, our dogs want to indulge in the delicious life of treats, and we are here to provide that luxury life to them. We only offer the best in royal French dog treats for our four-legged friends.