Your dog embodies all things luxury, so giving them high end dog treats to suit their high end lifestyle only seems like a natural choice. No one knows your pup like you do. Together, you enjoy calm days sunning by the pool, long walks through the park, and of course, the occasional spa day. It is time for a high end dog treat option that looks and feels as posh as they are, and we are here for them. At Bonne et Filou, we created a luxury line of dog treats fit for the finest French royalty (well, their dogs anyway). 

Our brand was born out of a need to elevate the status quo. We noticed pet brands offering the same thing time and time again: mass produced pet food and treats made of nothing but low grade corn, wheat, and filler. We believe that your dog deserves better than that, so we came up with an answer.


Our hand crafted dog treats will send your dog straight to the palace of Versailles, where they can enjoy the lap of luxury they were always meant to while they indulge in our variety of flavors including mint, lavender, and strawberry. Best of all, our high end dog treats are actually healthy for your pet, for a decadent experience for them and a guilt free experience for you! 

High end and health conscious are the cornerstones of what we do. Bonne et Filou macarons for dogs are proudly made right here in the United States using only the finest of all natural ingredients. Our ingredients are so fine in fact, we only need three of them! All it takes to form our base is some honey, oat flour, and coconut oil (MCT). Add in some all natural yogurt for the flavorful filling and you have a royal dog treat even the king’s dogs would be jealous of.

After all, some of the best French royals in history wouldn’t be who they were without their trusty canine companion by their side. While you may not be hiring a personal chef just for your dog like some of these famous French figures have, you can be sure that with Bonne et Filou you are giving them a healthy treat that is indulgent as it is nourishing. 

Of course, using the most high end ingredients in our high end dog treats means that there is no room for anything else. It is our royal promise that our luxury dog macarons are 100% all natural and are free from artificial colors, preservatives, or low end fillers like wheat or corn. This makes them the perfect choice for any picky dogs, sensitive bellies or any gluten or grain free diets. Rather than hurt, we believe our treats should nourish pups of all sizes, breeds, and ages. Our high end dog treats use only the highest quality ingredients meant to promote healthy digestion and a nice, healthy coat. So much so in fact that they are even fit for human consumption, and they’ll look so good, you may even want to! 

To top it all off, the piece de resistance comes in our high quality, golden embossed packaging. Would you expect the first line of high end dog treats to come in any less? From the moment you hold it in your hands, you will know your pup will be enjoying something special.


Simply slide off the sleeve telling you which tantalizing flavor you pup is about to enjoy and open the box to reveal six perfectly placed macarons. (note that they may appear a little different, but that is because they are all natural and all hand made!). Can’t decide? Discover our 12 delectable flavors. Enjoy a combo pack of three flavors and enjoy a six pack of each, including: 

Lavender: Our calming lavender flavor appeals to a subtle floral palette, yet speaks volumes as a haute French pet patisserie. With a calming purple hue, our lavender dog treat embodies the finest French royalty.

Mint: Your pet is the love of your life, if you are going to treat them like the French royalty you always knew they were, why not give them something that will cool even the worst case of doggie breath. Our cooling mint flavor is a subtle and relaxing flavor for your pet to indulge on with every chew.  

Strawberry: Let your dog’s personality shine with our sensational strawberry flavors. After all, if you ask us, strawberries are the creme de la creme of fruits. 

Truly, royalty is in our recipe with our line of high end dog treats at Bonne et Filou. Let your dog’s taste buds soar and their affinity for royalty shine with each savor. Our treats are naturally hard for a long lasting chew, and a truly lavish experience. If you are looking for a unique treat that will make your dog feel as royal as they look, experience Bonne et Filou today.