Our lovely dogs are an important part of our family. Of course, we all want to treat them to a very special Christmas gift. That’s why we came up with a great idea of Christmas presents for dogs. Only best dog gift, because we love our furry friends as much as you do!

Indeed, nothing can be better than a unique dog gift. Christmas is the time when every one of us wants to enjoy holiday treats, isn’t it? Your dog wants that too!

Spoil your pup with the ultimate Christmas treat -  healthy and delicious macarons

Bonne et Filou, a French-inspired luxury dog brand, offers Christmas dog treats. The most unique dog gift is handmade dog macarons, a French-inspired dog treat.

These macarons are handmade with the highest quality and premium ingredients without any artificial coloring or preservatives. Christmas is the best time for this luxurious royal treat to pamper your pups.

Your pup will certainly go crazy over them, as they are delicious and available in a wide variety of flavors: lavender, strawberry, mint, rose, and vanilla flavor. All the ingredients are corn-free and wheat-free and sourced from local suppliers.

The Bonne et Filou Christmas Gift Box - Holiday Themed treats for dogs

This year, the pawfect piece of holiday joy can be found in the Bonne et Filou Christmas Box, filled with holiday themed treats for dogs.

This exquisite box brimming with decadent handmade holiday themed treats (macarons, bones, snowflakes, truffles, and trees, is a must-have for gift giving (and receiving)! Bonne et Filou dog christmas treats are packed with care in a luxurious gift box which includes 18 christmas dog treats, all handmade and hand-designed in the USA with locally sourced, human-grade ingredients, for small and large dogs. 

Dog Advent Calendar 2022 - 24 Holiday Treats for Dogs

Our one of a kind Dog Treat Advent Calendar is the premier advent calendar for dogs this holiday season! 

Treat your dog(s) with a selection of delectable dog truffles, bones and macarons - all handmade in the USA and locally sourced with human-grade ingredients. Open each window to find a delicious doggie treat, while counting down to the big day (we won't tell if you can’t wait until Christmas to finish them all!) 🐩🎁

Thanks to the beautiful, luxurious packaging, Bonne et Filou’s dog advent calendar with treats is the paw-fect gift for any pet lover! 

Bonne et Filou dog advent calendar with treats is proof that advent calendars aren’t just for humans. Every day in December your four-legged friend can unveil a day of his advent calendar full of dog treats and get as surprised as you will be! 

Show your special connection with our brand new luxurious dog fur grip and rope leash

Uniquely chic and trendy shearling fur grip and stylish braided rope leash will be a perfect Christmas gift for dog lovers. This is the statement dog accessory that will elevate your daily dog walking look. 

The most glamorous canine accessory is available in a variety of colors and unique combinations. One grip can hold multiple pups. Have fun switching out your favorite shearling color to match your outfit or your Pups style that day! Check out the best Christmas gift for dog lovers 

The inspiration behind Bonne et Filou

The idea of Christmas dog treats with these special macarons came when Filou, Nico’s playful puppy, tried to eat fresh macarons that Nico always keeps at home.

Nico, Bonne et Filou’s founder, realized that these macarons are sugary and would not be good for Filou’s health. Then, Nico started to make special macarons for dogs, so Bonne et Filou was born.

Treat your dog with this unique dog gift

Bonne et Filou offers you a variety of options for buying these holidays gifts for dogs. For instance, you may buy dog macarons as 1 box, custom bundles, or gifts for specific occasions.

Gifts include subscription gifts with which you can purchase a 1-year gift subscription or 6-month gift subscription; you will receive monthly dog boxes in 5 different flavors to treat your pups with a unique gift.

You can also order a combo of dog gifts with the bundle of 3 different flavors. But if you are not sure about the favorite flavor of your friend’s dog, you can send them a gift card, so that they may choose their dog’s favorite flavor at Bonne et Filou.

It’s time to acknowledge that your dog is awesome and unique. Find Christmas presents for dogs, best dog gifts at their shop!