With Christmas carols on the radio, beautiful displays of lights hung on each house, and random whiffs of gingerbread cookies as you pass by, you can get lost in the joy that Christmas naturally brings with it.  Christmas time is the perfect time to spoil all the people you love and those who love you. And who is more important to spoil than your furry friend who is always there for you?

Bonne et Filou has the perfect dog gift for your pup! Our locally sourced luxurious Christmas dog treats (macarons) are guaranteed to put a smile on your furry friend’s face. 

Why Choose Our Christmas Dog Treats? 

Not only do our treats look so good that you might be tempted to taste, but they make the best dog gifts for Christmas for many reasons, such as:

  • 100% Natural
  • No Preservatives Or Artificial Colors
  • Wheat Free & Corn Free
  • Endorsed By Vets
  • Available In Luxurious Flavors

100% Natural

While our Christmas dog treats look too good to be healthy, they are actually 100% natural! We handmake our recipe right here in the USA. We use a base recipe of oat flour, honey, and coconut oil, and an all-natural yogurt filling. Our ingredients are locally sourced from our local suppliers, guaranteeing the only the best to pamper your pup during the holidays.

No Preservatives or Artificial Colors

Spoiling your pup properly is making sure that they receive only the best, and that includes in the treats we give them. That’s why Bonne et Filou’s treats are free of artificial colorings and have no preservatives! If we wouldn’t want preservatives and other non-natural ingredients in our own food, why would we give anything less to those who love us unconditionally – our four-legged royals.

Wheat Free & Corn Free

At Bonne et Filou, we absolutely believe that every single pup should be treated like royalty and that includes those with food sensitivities. That is why our macarons are wheat and corn free! As our treats are 100% natural, have no preservatives or artificial colors, and are wheat and corn free, they are the perfect Christmas dog treat for even the pickiest of dogs. 

Endorsed by Vets

If the previous reasons why our macarons are the perfect Christmas gift for your dog aren’t already compelling enough, our treats are endorsed by vets! Even the veterinarians can see that these all-natural treats are made for any furry friend. And what better reason to spoil your pup even more this Christmas than when you have the ok from the professional, respected vets. 

Available In Luxurious Flavors

Our macarons are available in a variety of different flavors so that even the pickiest pup can get a taste. We have lavender macarons, strawberry macarons, mint macarons and even a combination box with all three flavors! 

Give your furry friend the love and attention that he needs this Christmas and get him some of our Christmas dog treats! After showing you love day in and day out without expecting anything besides love from you, your pup deserves to be treated like a royal this Christmas. Treat them to Bonne et Filou’s dog macarons!