Ask any dog owner and they’ll tell you: their favorite holidays don’t come in December, or even their own birthdays. When you're a dog parent, it’s your dog’s birthday that’s really worth celebrating. Whether they know it or not, your dog’s birthday is truly the day they get the royal treatment from head to paw. Whether that means extra long walks, trips to the dog park, the doggie spa perhaps, and, of course, dog gifts galore from their adoring parents and even their doggie friends. Give them something to really bark about with Bonne et Filou’s all natural dog treats. For the pup who enjoys the finer things in life, our high end dog treats will give any pup a taste of royalty with every delectable savor. 

Our dog treats are inspired by the high end luxury of French royalty, and we’re not talking about the people. Bonne et Filou was inspired, and has its namesake, from the days of King Louis XIV. His royal pups lived the good life in the Palace of Versaille complete with their own personal chef, diamond studded collars, even their own wing in the palace! Truly, dogs were treated just as well as humans, if not better! Treat your dog of honor’s special day just like this with  high end dog gifts from Bonne et Filou. After all, we love them everyday of the year, set their day apart with the luscious mint, strawberry, and lavender flavors.

From the very moment our luxurious treats are opened, you and your pup will know you are about to em(bark) on something special. Unlike other dog treats that come in flimsy boxes or bags, our Bonne et Filou dog macarons come encased in a sturdy cardboard packaging exquisitely designed and embossed in gold. Our treats are all natural, and handmade right here in the United States. More than birthdays, our dog macarons make excellent gifts for any occasion.

Dog Visits

Nothing will win over a dog’s favorite aunt or uncle like a dog macaron from Bonne et Filou.  Instead of a toy they will rip up as soon as you get there, give them the experience of a long lasting chew throughout your whole stay, whether you are dog sitting or just catching up, they will look forward to your visits every time. 

Dog Homecomings

Are you or a friend uniting with a dog for the first time? There’s nothing to commemorate the happiest day of their lives like a fresh treat. Set the tone right with the royal treat-ment. A sleeve of six Bonne et Filou macarons will make them feel right at home in their new palace, and show them you are ready to cherish them as much as they will cherish the treat.

Special Training Rewards

Has your pup been an extra good boy/girl? Of course they have. Commemorate them learning a new trick, or finally nailing a new command just right with something special. 

Whatever the occasion, trust that you are giving your dog something truly indulgent and healthful. Unlike other dog gifts and treats that are full of sugar and preservatives, Bonne et Filou’s high end dog treats pride themselves on being wholesome and all natural. It wouldn’t be a truly luxury experience any other way! Our three ingredient formula creates the building blocks for a healthy diet by promoting a rich healthy fur coat, healthy digestion, and natural energy. Your dog will feel as good as they look with no artificial preservatives or chemicals. 

Treat the posh doggie divas and debonaires in your life to something truly special. Our luxury dog macarons are the perfect dog gifts for pups of all breeds, ages, and sizes. Whether it is to commemorate an occasion or a “just because” gift, give your dog a taste of the high life with a dog macaron from Bonne et Filou. Give them their favorite flavor or try all three with a variety pack!