Dog-friendly Places In New York To Enjoy Fall With Your Pup

Fall is a time of exploration, warm drinks, and like every season, spending time with our dogs. We've compiled a list of our five favorite dog-friendly places in New York to spend fall with your dog. These experiences will have you and your dog making the most of the fall season enjoy the outdoors, eating the best foods, sampling the best drinks, and of course, taking the best Instagram photos to share with your followers! Although these activities don't solely focus on dog activities, we think these activities are great adventures both you and your pup can enjoy, possibly even bring your friends along! Let us know if you have any dog-friendly places you recommend for the fall season!

Pet-Friendly BonfirePrivate Bonfire Experience

One of the most unique fall experiences we came across was Private Bonfires. Hampton Beach Service manages bonfire parties in Montauk. You, your dog, and your nine closest friends can enjoy an evening under the stars. The experience includes S' mores, drinks, and equipment. They also offer a Diamond Beach Fire experience that includes:

  • Bonfire
  • S' mores
  • Three complimentary drinks
  • Lobster roll dinner
  • Luxury beach equipment
  • Candlelit tables & décor
  • Background music
  • Cozy blankets
  • Bottled water

Hampton Beach Service has stated that they are committed to their guests' safety and are practicing safe CCD practices to combat the current pandemic. They thoroughly sanitize all equipment after each party. If you and your dog are big fans of the beach and star gazing, this will be a perfect way to spend a fall night. 

Dog HikeStorm King State Park

Fall is about adventure and watching the beautiful orange, yellow, and red leaves! And Storm King Park is a perfect way to experience the fall season you and your dog deserve. Young pups will love this 3.5 mile hike throughout Storm King State Park, and you'll love the views of the stunning Hudson River Cold Spring, and more. The park does welcome pups! However, please make sure they are on a leash at all times, and unfortunately, the picnic area is off-limits, but it's a big enough park to have some lunch on any part of the hike! BringFido reviewers mention that the hike takes an average of 3 hours and is a bit difficult of a trail, so if you and your pup are new to hikes, you may want to start on another hike.

"I am not an avid hiker, so this trail had some challenges, but overall it was so much fun! The views really are breathtaking and serene. It's quite rocky in some parts, so hiking boots would help. My 55-lb lab/pit mix did surprisingly well as this was our first 4hr hike." - Camille on June 8, 2020.

Montauk Point LighthouseMontauk Point Lighthouse

Although pups aren't allowed IN the lighthouse, you can still take great photos, hike along the rocky paths, and enjoy the beautiful beach at Montauk Point Lighthouse. Putting on your best fall coat and taking the day to walk and explore could be the ticket to finding tranquility. Your dog will love this outdoor adventure full of places to sniff and explore, and you'll love how all your Instagram photos turn out with this scenic lighthouse and crashing waves. This lighthouse is also located in the Montauk Point State Park, where you and your pup can enjoy some moderate hiking trails.

Dog ParkSpend Fall in the Parks of NYC

If you like going exploring but don’t necessarily want to go on a big hiking adventure there are some great parks around New York City that will have you and your dog enjoying the crisp fall air. Take a trip to one of NYC's dog-friendly parks Here are a few locations we recommend:

  1. Bronx Park Off-Leash Area
  2. Brooklyn War Memorial Off-Leash Area
  3. DiMattina Park Dog Run in Brooklyn
  4. Chelsea Waterside Park Dog Run in Manhattan
  5. Fishbridge Park Garden Dog Run in Manhattan
  6. Alley Pond Park Off-Leash Area in Queens
  7. Allison Park Off-Leash Area in Staten Island

As with all dog runs, parks, and off-leash areas, remember to stay safe and follow all the rules. Keep a close eye on your dog, pick up after your dog, and remember to keep your dog up to date on vaccines!

Dog-Friendly RestaurantsFall Weather & French Cafes

The Deux Amis is an intimate and friendly French Café in Midtown that makes you feel like you're enjoying a fall evening enjoying the Parisian outdoors. You know how much we love the Parisian life at Bonne et Filou! We've focused our brand around, giving your pup the luxury life they deserve. We encourage you to treat yourself and your best fur-end to a night of French extravagance. And if you’re looking for other dog-friendly restaurants in the areas these are a few that we recommend: 

These dog-friendly restaurants are a perfect way to spend a brisk fall day outdoors enjoying some great food with your pup! We, of course, recommend you bringing them their own fine treat! Possibly one of our delicious, long chew dog macarons!

Treat You and Your Dog To Fall Activities

One of the best joys of life is being able to take your dog with you to restaurants, parks, and events. Combine all that with the fall weather, and you'll be making memories that will last a lifetime. Don't forget to treat your pup while you're out, and when you get back home to one of our 100% all-natural dog macarons that come in three flavors mint, lavender, and strawberry. Treat your dog as well as they deserve with high-quality treats, and you can enjoy 10% off your purchase when you subscribe and save! Show us how much your pup enjoys their macarons and the fall weather by tagging us on Instagram @BonneetFilou!