Encouraging Pawsitive Behavior in Your Dog

Sure, there are many things you wish your dog was better about. Begging for your guest’s dinner, jumping onto the couch, not coming when called, etc. But dogs are dogs! They’re our babies, but the truth of the matter is- they can’t fully understand when we get upset with their behavior. Keep in mind, they are extremely trainable and adaptable, so focusing more on the things they’re doing right and encouraging positive behavior in your furry companion can help! Training will not only improve your connection with your dog, but it can help them better understand what you want them to do, and lead to good behavior in the future. Here are a few of our tips to encourage pawsitive behavior in your pup!

Use One-Word Commands

Use short, one-word commands that are significantly different from all other commands you are teaching your pup. “Come,” “fetch,” and “shake,” are different enough and easy for your pup to understand. Make sure everyone in your household uses the same commands to avoid confusing your dog. Using visual hand signals can help enhance their learning and understanding of different cues too!Dog Training Treats Bonne et Filou

Reward Them With Treats & Verbal Praise

When you make it to yoga class 3 days in a row, you treat yourself to a fresh fruit smoothie because - well, you worked hard. When your pup is learning new commands and behaviors, they deserve to be treated as well! Treats will encourage positive behavior in your dog. They will learn that engaging in certain behaviors will be rewarded, and since they get a treat following that behavior, they will look forward to it! Verbal praise, “good boy,” or “good girl” will pawsitively encourage your canine companion. When your pup is extra good, treat them to Bonne et Filou luxury macaron treats. Not only are they stylish and delicious, but they’re healthy too! Made with 100% natural, human-grade, locally-sourced ingredients, your pup will feel the love with these luxury dog treats!

Make Training Fun!

Imagine hearing, “stay...good dog” then getting a treat. After a few of those scenarios, it can get boring! The trick to encouraging positive behaviors is variety. Keep sessions fun, mentally stimulating, and unpredictable for your pup. Most of all, enjoy the bonding time with your furry friend and have fun watching them learn and achieve! Treating them to a walk or playtime after is also a way to not only get them moving but to have fun together as well!

Stick With It

The more you encourage positive behavior in your dog, the better their behavior will become! It’s kind of like the saying, “practice makes perfect!” The more you both have a mutual understanding of their good behavior and your expectations, the more clear it will become and the happier you’ll be! Don’t forget to stock up on Bonne et Filou macarons today, so you’re well prepared for training and encouraging positive behavior in your pup!