5 Ways To Celebrate The Life of Your Pet On National Pet Memorial Day

On the second Sunday in September, we have a day dedicated to remembering our pets that have passed on. This year's national pet memorial day is on Sunday, September 11th. It can be a gloomy day since it reminds us of our best friends that are no longer with us, but we can also use national pet memorial day to celebrate all the joyful days our pets gave us!

5 Ways To Memorialize Your Pet

There is no limit to how we can celebrate our pets' lives and memories, but we do have some suggestions if you need some help memorializing your pet on this September 11th.
GIrl and dog at beach

Donate to an animal shelter in your pet's name

Local animal shelters are always in need of donations, and by donating, you are helping animals in need and honoring the memory of the extraordinary life you and your pet shared. 
Woman and dog walking

Plant a tree in your pet's memory

Planting a tree or flowers can be a great way to dedicate a space to your furend. Every time you water your tree or plant, you'll find it easy to recall great memories.
Woman cradling dog

Have a painted or digital portrait made of your favorite photo

One great way to memorialize your pet is to commission an artist to make a beautiful portrait of your favorite photo. There are many artists and tattoo artists that love doing commissions. Check out your local artist on Instagram!
Woman and Dog in the fall

Adopt or foster a pet (if you can!)

Nothing can replace our pets, but sharing your love with another animal is a great way to pass on our heart's love. If you have the ability to foster or adopt, we encourage you to share your love with the animals in need.
Woman and dog at park

Create a memorial post

Our pets that have passed on not only impacted our lives but the lives around us. Sharing multiple photos on an Instagram post of all the great pictures you have with your pet with your friends and family is a great way to remind others of all the great times that were spent together.

Celebrating The Lives of Our Pets on National Pet Memorial Day

Losing a pet is an emotionally challenging situation to go through. Our pet's memory may break our hearts from time to time, but we don't ever want to forget the time we've shared with our fur babies. Each year on the second Sunday of September, we can choose to celebrate our pets' lives who have passed on. We'd love to hear your stories of the times you and your pup had together. Tag us in your social posts, and we'd love to celebrate their lives with you.