How To Make Sure Your Dog Is Getting Enough Exercise

It seems that at the beginning of practicing social distancing and quarantine, we were all ready to go on at least five walks a day. We even started noticing funny social media posts about our dogs being tired of walks. Now, it seems as though we are no longer going on lots of walks with our pups! At Bonne, we believe in providing our dogs with the most luxurious life possible. Including keeping our dogs healthy and active. To make sure we were doing the best job for our dogs, we decided to do a little research on how much exercise do our dogs really need and ways to exercise your dog and we found a lot! We have learned everything from working out with your pet to the best pet workout products, to what veterinarians recommend when it comes to exercise. 

The American Veterinary Medical Association and Walks

The American Veterinary Medical Association, or AVMA, does recommend personally consulting with your vet before starting your pup on a new exercise routine. That being said, the AVMA advises that we walk our dogs for their physical health but also provides mental stimulation. Walking can help overweight dogs get to a healthy weight and can help with joint movement and muscle tone. It is recommended that you do have a regular exercise program for your pup, even if it's just going for a walk. 

Signs Your Dog Needs More Exercise

Sometimes it can be tough to know if your dog is in need of exercise. Most people just think you'll know if your dog starts gaining weight, but this is not true. There can be other underlying factors that can tell you that your dog needs more exercise.  

If your dog seems to be more agitated or destructive, this can be a sign that your pup needs more exercise time. They may be getting into the trash more, digging at the couch, or chewing on furniture. This destructive behavior can be brought on by not getting their energy out. We know they aren't bad dogs; they just have too much unspent energy. 

If you've noticed that your dog has been more vocal lately, like barking excessively, this could be a sign of needing more exercise. Getting your dog to that "happy tired" is an excellent way to possibly stop the excess vocalization.

Have you noticed your dog moving a little slower? The American Veterinary Medical Association does recommend regular walks in order to help joint movement. Starting with short walks could possibly help your dog's joints. However, you do want to check with your vet and make sure it is not due to any other conditions.

These are just a few signs that your dog isn't getting enough exercise. Ask your vet if you need to implement a new exercise routine for your dog.

Where To Start For Ways To Exercise Your Dog

If your dog is not currently on an exercise routine, it is essential to start slow. We love the idea of bringing our dog on a hike with us, but they aren't used to strenuous exercise. You might want to start with short, frequent walks, then move up to short jogs, or even try agility training. Remember to watch out for signs of exhaustion. When it comes to exercising your dog, you want to be cautious and keep an eye out for problems like overheating, fatigue, dehydration, or stress. We don't want to put our dogs in any dangerous situations that could cause problems in the long run.

Doggie Workout Equipment

There are also some exciting pieces of exercise equipment for your dog on the market. K9 of Mine recently published an article about the Best Exercise Equipment For Dogs: Four-Legged Fitness. They feature their 19 best pieces of exercise equipment for dogs, including the GOPET Treadwheel, which is pretty much a hamster wheel for your dog! The PetZone IQ Treat Ball is ideal for mentally stimulating your dog that will have your dog playing for hours. The Playball by Couch Potato will have your dog playing ball all by themselves when your arm gets tired of playing fetch. There are endless amounts of doggy exercise products to get your hands on!

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A Healthy Life Is A Luxurious Life

We all want our best furiends to live long, healthy lives with us, and making sure they get the proper exercise and nutrition they need is an essential part. Let us know your favorite workout routines you do with your pup or if you have any fun exercise tips and tricks! Don't forget to tag @BonneetFilou in your #HealthyPup pictures on Instagram