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Bonne et Filou

Dog Treats Advent Calendar - 24 Holiday Treats for Dogs

Treat your dog(s) with their very own Dog Advent Calendar featuring a selection of delectable dog treats like truffles, dog bones and macarons - all handmade in the USA and locally sourced with human-grade ingredients. This is the perfect dog gift for the pups on your holiday list.

Enter Bonne et Filou's own Versailles Chateau (for pups) with the world's most luxurious advent calendar, created especially for your favorite furry companion(s).

Treat your dog(s) with a delectable selection of handmade dog truffles, bones and macarons. Open each window to find a special treat, while counting down to Christmas Eve. 

All our dog treats are locally sourced with human-grade ingredients (eat them yourself if you want) and handmade in the USA.

The box contains 24 treats including 12 dog bones, 8 dog truffles, and 4 dog macarons.

** The advent calendar is made on purpose for some fun. The treat tray doesn't all the time match the perforated holes. If misalignment occurs, please open the box and remove the insert, rotate 180° then reinsert. **