As if you don’t treat your dog like royalty everyday, their birthday is a special occasion and must be treated as such with a luxury dog birthday treat from Bonne et Filou. Our handmade dog macarons are the perfect dog birthday treats, with just the right amount of sophistication and flare for all things of the posh lifestyle. So treat your doggie diva on their special day but be careful, you might just create one! Whether this is a special treat for just your furry best friend, or you are throwing a dog birthday party for the ages, elevate their birthday to the next level.

Our luxury dog treats come in packs of 6, or variety packs that come with six of each flavor. With flavors like a luscious lavender, sweet strawberry, or cool mint, trust us -- you’ll want to try them all!  Variety packs of your dog’s favorite birthday gift are great  for sharing. After all, we believe that there is nothing like gathering with your loved ones for your birthday around delicious food and drinks. Why should your dog’s special day be any different? Bring in their favorite furry friends of their own, neighbors, cousins, you name it. Even if they’ve just exchanged a casual sniff, Bonne et Filou’s birthday dog treats are for everyone! Although our dog macarons are made from the highest quality human grade ingredients and you could eat them, we still recommend you celebrate with some macarons of your own while you watch your pups savor every delectable bite. There is no party like a macaron party!

Your dog not the sharing type? Why should they be? Dog macarons from Bonne et Filou are the perfect dog birthday treats for your dog to keep all to themselves. They come in packs of six, have them be the gift that keeps on giving. Our macarons make great treats for any special occasion, they also make for great training rewards! The best part is that our products have a shelf life of up to twelve months. They are made hard for a long lasting chew  and can be enjoyed time and time again without having to rush against an approaching expiration date. Worry not! Our dog treats are made only from the highest quality all natural ingredients right here in the United States. It is our promise to you that our treats do not contain any unnatural or artificial preservatives -- they stay that way all on their own! 

Our ingredients are corn-free and wheat-free, and sourced from local suppliers - only the best for our best friends on their birthday! Our macarons are made up of oat flour, honey, coconut oil and a natural yogurt filling. The yogurt filling represents only 0.5% of the formula and is purchased at one of our USA suppliers. This yogurt filling uses multiple different natural ingredients but each of them is used in trace and represents 0.0001% to 0.3% of the entire formula. Not only are these all natural ingredients great tasting, they are actually very healthy for your dog! Our Bonne et Filou healthy dog treats are veterinarian approved and perfect for regular consumption and indulgence. 

When you are finally running low, treat them with a gift they will really bark about. Sign them up for a subscription with Bonne et Filou. Simply set the frequency, flavor, and quantity options you would like under the “subscribe” option when you order your Bonne et Filou dog birthday treats. Our subscription package makes it easy to ensure that you will always have enough of your pup’s favorite Bonne et Filou products on hand, and that you will never have to let them down and wait for a reorder. Our notification system will let you know when your next subscription is about to be shipped, even giving you the opportunity to reschedule or cancel if you need to before you are charged. Of course, you can always change your settings if you would like to receive your subscriptions more often or less frequently, no questions asked or barks about it. 

You may know the date by heart and have it marked on your calendar, or maybe you are not sure when your dog’s birthday is. If your dog is rescued, or you adopted an older pet sometimes it’s a little more difficult to pinpoint. Even if you are not sure, worry not, there are plenty of ways to find out or at least get a rough estimate. Veterinarians are very good at estimating your dogs age down to the month. From there, just pick a day to celebrate -- there is never a bad day to have a party! So Make your dog, or any dog in your life’s birthday something truly special this year with the high quality dog birthday treats at Bonne et Filou. Everybody likes a taste of the royal treatment on their birthday, and your dog was born for it! We believe in only the best for your beloved pup everyday, and especially on their birthday!