We all know and enjoy eating the soft but chewy French macaron, and now you can get them for your dog. Dog macarons are the latest in delicious and healthy dog treats! Dog macarons are explicitly made for dogs, so they do not have the sugar and other ingredients that might be harmful to dogs. 

At Bonne et Filou, dog macarons are what we specialize in, and you will see throughout our website that we do not make anything other than 100% natural dog macarons. We make dog macarons because we love dogs; it is as simple as that! Bonne et Filou's name comes from French royal dogs who lived in the place. Their names were Bonne and Filou, and they even had their very own chef. We believe all dogs should have the royal treatment, so we have started at dog macarons—a signature treat of luxury. 

Our dog macarons are 100% natural. The base of the macarons only has three pure ingredients: coconut oil, oat flour, and honey. The filling of the dog macaron is 100% all-natural yogurt. Your dog has the choice of three flavors: mint, strawberry, and lavender yogurt. Our recipe is handmade right here in the United States. There is no artificial coloring or preservatives. We guarantee our dog macarons are healthy for your dog. They are corn-free, wheat-free, and sourced from local US suppliers. All the ingredients we use in our treats are a known source for healthy dogs.

Oat Flour is a natural source of fiber and low in gluten. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, the low gluten will not upset their stomachs—your pup benefits from the carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins found in all-natural oat flour. 

Honey is what we use to take our treats from tasty to dog macaron delicious! This natural sweetener is also a good source of natural energy for dogs. Honey also promotes healthy digestion and can even have an impact on seasonal allergies. 

Coconut Oil has been known from the beginning of time to have the best benefits. We have chosen coconut oil as a base ingredient since it promotes a healthy dog inside and out. Coconut oil helps a healthy coat and even brain function. 

Our filling is all-natural yogurt; this is where your dog really gets the flavor. We only use 100% all-natural yogurt as our filling. The yogurt is made of milk, dry milk, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, turmeric, and then we add our all-natural flavors mint, strawberry, and lavender.

If you believe your furbaby deserves the luxury life while still staying active and healthy, Bonne et Filou's dog macarons are perfect for you and your pup! We know that all dogs are special and unique and deserve to enjoy a delicious treat that is also healthy from them. Bonne et Filou wants dogs to always live the luxury life.