Do fancy dog treats even begin to describe Bonne et Filou? Would you use the word fancy to describe the Palace of Versailles - because we sure would! The delectable dog macarons of Bonne et Filou are meant to capture the feeling of French royalty with every savor, emulating the famous royal French dog lover King Louis the XVI and his royal canine subjects Bonne and Filou. Together, these two pups were the definition of elegance, and certainly very fancy, boasting their diamond studded collars, personal chefs, and private wings dedicated only to them, true story! Ever since his tenure as king, the streets of Versailles has become a paradise for dogs to enjoy the high life and fancy dog treats galore! Our mission is to capture this feeling. One bite into our Bonne et Filou dog macarons will transport your pup right to the heart of it all, no matter where you are!  

Our Elevated Experience

As dog owners ourselves, we grew tired of the same old ordinary treats and foods being sold to us. We were looking for something more. We wanted to create a more elevated experience for your dog to enjoy, thus, our brand of fancy dog treats was born! Our Bonne et Filou dog treats are designed after the delicate and beautiful French macarons that we humans enjoy. Upon first glance, you will notice their roundness and even design, just like a box of beautifully light and airy macarons.

Even at the finest French bakery, you will notice that not all macarons are created equal, and some of your pastries will not look exactly the same - this is actually a good thing! It means that your macarons were made by hand rather than mass produced without any care. Our dog macarons are no different. Our fancy dog treats are hand made in small batches right here in the United States using only the finest naturally sourced ingredients. If you notice slight variations in color or shape, it means your macarons were hand made specifically for you and your pup. 

A Step Above The Others

To create the finest fancy dog treats, we knew we needed to be a step above regular pet products not just in presentation, but in quality and nutrition too. It is our promise to you that our treats are made with the finest natural human grade ingredients, and are naturally free of artificial preservatives, artificial colors, wheat or corn. These ingredients are commonly used as cheap and unnecessary fillers, or as a means to keep products on the shelf longer. We believe a fancy dog product like ours should not only look great, taste great, and have a naturally long shelf life, but should also be naturally healthy. Our simple four ingredient recipe of oat flour, honey, coconut oil, and natural yogurt for filling is not only safe for everyday consumption if you so choose, but actually comes with a host of health benefits as well.

Our fancy dog treats are naturally easy on sensitive stomachs, and are packed with vitamins and minerals to promote healthy metabolism and digestion, natural energy, and a shiny healthy coat. Our product is veterinarian tested and veterinarian approved so you can give your dog something to indulge in that you as a dog parent can feel good about. Explore your dog’s palate for the finer side of dog treats and try our three all natural flavors: strawberry, lavender, and mint. Can’t decide, try a variety pack with all three and choose your favorite.

Nothing says fancy like a presentation, after all, you can only make one first impression. To create a truly luxury experience, our Bonne et Filou fancy dog macarons come neatly tucked away in a sturdy yet elegant box, just like a human macaron would. At first sight, you and your dog will know you are about to embark on something truly special. Remove the pastel colored sleeve indicating your flavor of choice to reveal a stunning golden embossed packaging truly fit for a French royal. Open up the box to find six delicately placed dog treats waiting for consumption. Not to worry, our treats are specially designed to be appropriate for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds.

Fancy Dog Treats & More

We know that all dogs deserve the best, and deserve to be treated like the royalty they know they are, after all they didn’t choose the high life, the high life chose them. Whether you have a large dog scarfing it down in seconds, or a small dog who may need to break it into pieces, our treats are created to be harder than the average human macaron for a long indulgent chew. Use our fancy dog treats as a special reward, a training tool, or an everyday snack, or even as a gift to the fancy dogs in your life. Bonne et Filou is the perfect way to indulge in the finer side of pet products, buy a package, a variety package, or sign up for a subscription package and see for yourself!