Bonne et Filou Giveaway 


Some of the best royals in history have had a soft spot for a loyal canine, none more so than famed French King Louis XIV. Indeed, his favorite pups, Bonne and Filou, were living the good life. Louis XIV made sure Versailles was more than just dog-friendly; it was dog heaven.

Bonne hunted by day and Filou lounged until night; they slept in satin sheets and strutted down the Hall of Mirrors in diamond collars, and most extravagant of all - they had their own personal chef.

The royal life chose them and they weren’t going to bark about it.

About Us

As the French dog lovers that we are, we couldn’t help but feel that every single dog in the world should experience this Bonne et Filou barkgeoisie.

By your side no matter what, happy when you’re home, loving when you’re sad... seriously, no one loves you more than your four-legged friend; probably not even your mother.

So we ask, why not celebrate them?

Allez! Give your dog the ultimate royal treat-ment with Bonne et Filou - trust moi, they’ll lick your face for it.

Our Royal Promise

Bonne et Filou’s promise is simple: we deliver the ultimate royal treatment for your pampered pup.

Our treats are made with love and a pinch of sass, just what every pet royal wants.

The love is understanding that part of feeling like a million bucks is not just about looking good, but also being healthy. Our artisanal treats are not only stylish and delicious, but also 100% natural with premium local ingredients from the U.S.

The sass is the acknowledgement that all dogs are awesome, even when they use your carpet as their bathroom and expect you to be their humble servant dog parent. Ostentatious petocracy is welcome, if not encouraged.

Our Mission

Highest Quality

The most lavish dog treat wouldn’t live up to its name if it weren’t handmade from the highest quality, human-grade, and natural ingredients we could find.

Luxury never tasted that good!

French Heritage

Bonne et Filou is the new standard in luxurious French cuisine for the posh pups of the world. It is the haute pet patisserie destination, inspired by French Royalty.

It's the brand's certain “je ne sais quoi”!


Just like humans, we believe our dogs should be able to indulge and enjoy something out of the ordinary. But this time, indulgence goes with healthy!

Let your dog experience a bit of this Bonne et Filou barkgeoisie, even when they use your carpet as their bathroom and expect you to be their humble servants.


You can trust that Bonne et Filou always puts you and your furry friend’s interests first, from sourcing our ingredients with local suppliers to the handmade manufacturing of our products in the USA.

Only the best for our four-legged royals!


The family behind the new petocracy:

- Nico: founder

- Filou: CTO (Chief Tasting Officer)


This is the story of Nico and a dog named Filou. 

Nico is a true Parisian. Although he lives in New York now, he was born and raised in Paris.

His favorite desserts are French macarons and always buys some when he gets a chance.

Nico adopted his first puppy, a beautiful Cavapoo, a mix between a Cavalier King Charles and Poodle. 

He named her Filou after King Louis XIV’s poodle which means “trickster” in French because of her playful and sneaky personality. 

One of Filou’s favorite pastimes was to try and sneak her way into the box of fresh macarons Nico always keep at home, but she would always get caught. 

Nico would use his empty macaron boxes to put dog-friendly treats inside for Filou, but it just wasn’t the same. 

Nico always wanted to give Filou beautiful macarons as a treat to spoil her dog, not brown dog bones. 

But he knew that sugary treats wouldn’t be good for Filou, so Nico started to make Filou her own macarons himself. The idea for Bonne et Filou was born. 

After months of making dog-friendly macarons fit for royalty, Filou and all other pampered pooches can eat dog-friendly macarons, just like French royalty. 

Did You Know?

Louis XIV (1638 - 1715) hired a chef whose job was solely to prepare his dogs’ meals, ceremoniously served daily.

Louis XIV designed a lavish “Cabinet des Chiens” (Dog Chamber) in his apartment at Versailles to have his pets near.

Louis XIV wasn’t the only French king who loved dogs; Henri III (1551 – 1589) and Louis XV (1710 – 1774) were equally indulgent.

Henri III occasionally walked around with a basket attached around his neck to hold a few furry friends.

Henri III’s dog barked madly during his master’s meeting with anti-monarchist Jacques Clement, attempting to signal impending danger: that he would murder the King.

Louis XV had nearly 15 dogs (mostly toy poodles) and knew them all by name, his favorite being of course, Filou, too.

Louis XV devised an official procession to offer his dogs treats.

During Louis XV’s reign, the toy poodle became acknowledged as France’s national pet.