The delicate (human) macaron is a light and airy meringue based treat made with almond flour, egg whites, and sugar, all filled with a delicious ganache center. The macaron has been a delicacy in France since the 18th century, and enjoyed by people and now dogs alike. You may have slipped a piece or two of your human macaron your furry best friend, but what if we said we’ve made a macaron just for dogs? The fact of the matter is that the macarons that we humans enjoy are quite unhealthy for dogs, so we made some just for them. At Bonne et Filou, we’ve crafted macarons for dogs that are as good looking as they are delicious and, in fact, quite healthy for them! Our high quality macaron dog treats are meant to treat your dog like the Royalty you already know they are. Not only will they indulge your dog’s every taste bud, they are perfect for their natural for a healthy diet and consumption.

"Unlike human macarons, Bonne et Filou dog treats are healthy for dogs" - Marie Claire Magazine

Our macaron dog treats can be used from anything to training rewards to an indulgent snack for your dog. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy a delicious French macaron together with their dog?  Just like macarons for humans, our macarons for dogs come in a variety of flavors including lavender, mint, and strawberry. These confections are almost too pretty to eat, they are made of all natural human grade ingredients, so if you must, you can. These ingredients come together to create a treat that is gentle on your dog’s stomach, and can even promote healthy digestion. Handmade right here in the United States, our simple recipe consists of oat flour, honey, coconut oil, and a dog safe, dog friendly yogurt for the filling -- that’s it! 

This low gluten and high fiber formula promotes a number of benefits to any dog’s health, no matter their age, breed or size. Bonne et Filou’s macarons for dogs are a healthy source of carbs, protein, iron and B vitamins. They are easy to metabolize and digest for a steady and healthy energy source, and can promote healthy brain function, their immune system, and a shiny healthy coat. With all of these healthy benefits, your dog will look and feel as luxurious as they were always meant to be. Even down to the fillings and all natural flavors that make them irresistible, we are committed to creating a high quality dog treat. Our macarons for dogs are made with as little ingredients as possible, with no artificial chemicals or preservatives.   

Why Create Macarons for Dogs

Our inspiration to create the most delectable dog treats to make your dog feel like they are sitting in the Palace of Versailles, comes from that very place! Since French King Louis XIV, Versailles has been a dog’s paradise and playground. After a long day of hunting and playing, King Louis’ faithful companions Bonne and Filou took their royal place in the palace, complete with their own personal chefs, and lavish wear. We believe that dogs all over the United States deserve to be treated this way, so we’ve created a macaron for dogs. If you have a dog that enjoys the finer things, or simply a dog that wants to, treat them to some Bonne et Filou.