Mr. Maxie & Kelvin
Great treats, very friendly customer support. Love their products. 
Cheetoh & Margaret
My lil pup Cheetoh loved her strawberry macarons. I’m cognizant of trying new treats sometimes (sensitive tummy), but seems like this one was great. Such a sweet and cute treat and a great way to pamper your pup. Also such a nice gift idea!
Boris & Alley
These treats are so beautiful and luxurious! Our little Boris loves them! We highly recommend them to anyone! They are well-made and healthy so you don’t have to feel bad giving your dog more than one!
Alta & Hiland
We love our treats! We got the strawberry and Alta lived the taste. I love how beautifully they are packaged. They are so cute. I would recommend them for your special pup.
Penny & Laurin
I’ll start of with the packaging-It’s beautiful! I almost didn’t want to open it! Then when I finally did, the smell is incredible and made MY mouth water. I got the strawberry. I have a 7lb dog, so she did a lot of licking with small bites since her mouth was to small to take the entire macron at once (which I am happy about that!) Every dog deserves this kind of luxury! Would make a very special gift for any dog.
Benjamin & Samantha
My golden retriever Benjamin loved these dog macarons. He tried the strawberry flavor. Thanks Bonne et Filou!
Diesel & Danielle
Ordered these for the first time for Diesel as a Valentines day treat & he gobbled it right up. We went with the strawberry flavor & so happy to see he loved them so much. Highly recommend, great natural ingredients.
Finn & Cynthia
My pup Finn loves their products! We tried the strawberry macarons. He devours them! And it makes me feel like I'm really giving him the royal TREATment! Can't wait to try the other flavors.