Your loving pup deserves to be treated like royalty every day. When we think about pampering our dogs, we may not always think of giving them treats, but treats always put a smile on any furry friend’s face. But sometimes, it may not last very long. When your furry friend has a food or allergy sensitivity, it can be a little more difficult to spoil your dog with treats to let them know that they’re appreciated. So, you have to choose some treats that don’t look as appetizing or aren’t the most flavorful.

Well not anymore! Bonne et Filou specializes in luxurious treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Pamper your sweet pup with our delectable macarons.

Why Choose Our Treats For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs?

Our macarons are made for any four-legged friend whether they have food sensitivities or not, but here’s some reasons why our treats are made for sensitive stomach:

  • No Preservatives or Artificial Colors
  • Wheat & Corn Free
  • Your Choice Of Delectable Flavors
  • Endorsed By Vets

No Preservatives or Artificial Colors

Since our luxury macarons are 100% all natural, they don’t have any preservatives or artificial colors that can irritate furry friends with sensitive stomachs. As we mentioned before, Bonne et Filou’s macarons almost seem like they were made specifically as treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs, but we just sincerely believe that all our four-legged friends are royals and must be treated as such.

Wheat & Corn Free

If your loving pup has a wheat or corn sensitivity, our macarons are the perfect treat for them! We locally source all our ingredients so that we can guarantee the ingredients are exactly what we state they are, and our recipe is handmade here in the USA. That way you can always be sure that your pup is going to enjoy the macarons fully.

Your Choice Of Delectable Flavors

Luckily for your sweet pup, our macarons are available in a variety of flavors including a combination pack. Say goodbye to plain and limited flavors you’re used to from treats made for pups with sensitive stomachs. Our flavors range from strawberry, to lavender and even mint!

Endorsed By Vets

One of the best parts of our macarons are that they are endorsed by veterinarians! Since they are all natural and don’t contain the ingredients many of our furry friends are sensitive to, there really is reason to not spoil you loving four legged-royal with a delicious macaron.

Give your pup a treat to let her know that you appreciate her, and not one that’s going to make her feel sick minutes later. At the end of the day, our pups mean the world to us and we should take the time to give them treats that will make them happy and not sick. Pamper your royal pup with some of Bonne et Filou’s delectable, all-natural macarons today and let your pup know how much she really means to you.