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Plush Squeaky Dog Toy Set- Small

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Treat your pup with our Plush Squeaky Dog Toy Set! Includes macarons, wine bottles, and designer shoe toys. It is a perfect gift for dog lovers. Shop now!
What do you get the dog that has everything? This unique gift set of 3 adorable, French inspired dog toys, of course!

Each set includes:

(1) Adorable, must-have box of multiple Plush Macaron Toys (each with their own squeaker) - perfect for the pampered-pup lifestyle!

(1) Bottle of our exclusive Bark’gundy Red Whine (with squeaker) - every Pampered Pup should have their own whine bottle, don't you think? Santé (Cheers)!

(1) Designer luxury shoe (with squeaker) - when you really want to impress, every pup knows there’s no better accessory than a plush luxury shoe squeaky toy. High fashion + high reward.

Ultra Soft Recycled Material: Made from hypoallergenic and incredibly soft, high-quality recycled materials.

Tons of Fun: Each plush toy contains a built-in squeaker protected by a layer of fabric to create endless hours of enjoyment!

Unique and Fun Gift: These adorable toys are the perfect gift for any dog lover or dog birthday/puppy party.

Safe and non-toxic materials for dogs
100% recycled materials
Content: Polyester Fibers

Care instructions:
For best results when cleaning, either use a pet-safe detergent or avoid using detergent entirely. All toys can be surface washed with cold water and air dried