10 Unique Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Pup

It's that time of year again! Where we get to enjoy the fall air, warm drinks, pumpkin-flavored everything, and, most importantly, dressing up our pups! As if we needed an occasion to dress up our dogs anyway. Whether you're the creative type that likes to make a costume from scratch or order one with online shopping, deciding on a Halloween costume is a fun time but a tough decision. Halloween is just around the corner, and you're probably asking yourself: 

  • Should I pick a classic costume?
  • Should I pick a matching costume? 
  • Should I pick a scary costume?
  • Should I choose a heroic costume? 

And you're probably asking yourself a lot more questions on top of those. At Bonne, we wanted to show you some of our favorite pet costumes, and maybe that will help you decide on your dog's costumer of Halloween 2020. Here are 10 of our favorite doggie costumes!

Harry Potter Dog Costume

Iconic Pop Culture Halloween Costume

Since 1998, Harry Potter has been sweeping the nation and taking over our hearts. @Ohrocketdog caught our eye with their adorable Harry Potter-themed costume! So if you're a fan of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and you're looking to create a matching outfit with your pup, a Harry Potter costume could be the perfect choice for you! 
Elton John Dog Costume

Music Lover Halloween Costume

We had to include this adorable Elton John costume that @Goodboy.toad wore. A stand-out yet straightforward costume that will be sure to turn some heads! We recommend looking around for some of your favorite artists and their iconic looks. You may be able to do a famous musical duo for a matching or themed group Halloween costume!

Wayne's World Dog Costume

Classic Movie Halloween Costume

Have an overwhelming love for a classic movie? Check out this Wayne's World costume from @fureverfurbros! An adorable rendition of the infamous Garth and Wayne! We recommend choosing a favorite movie and dressing up with your dog as some main characters!

Witch Dog Costume

Classic Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Love a classic Halloween costume? This traditional witch dog costume that @journey.of.tiny.mirza wore adds some flair to the classic look! Best of all, it's easy to match, dress up as another witch or a wizard for a great group costume theme.

Super hero dog costume

Super-pup Halloween Costumes

Have some children in your family that want to dress up as their favorite superhero? Why not get your pup to match with their superhero costume. @wanderlust.rusty_paws are quite the dynamic duo in their dog superhero Halloween costumes! A superhero costume is a great choice when you want to get the whole family involved.

Carol Baskin Dog Costume

Popular TV Show Dog Costumes

The beginning of 2020 seems like so long ago, but we will never forget how the Netflix show 'The Tiger King' captivated people everywhere. We all knew that this year we'd see a lot of Joe and Carol costumes.  @Lovealwaysnova completely nailed this Carol Baskin Halloween costume! This costume can also be a great costume theme for the whole family!

Pirate Dog Costume

Pirate Dog Costumes

Another fantastic single or group Halloween costume is a pirate costume! @the_pepper_cattledog made her pirate Halloween costume look absolutely stunning! We also love all the effort that was put into creating this pirate photo op! 

Hot Dog dog costume

Food Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Have a lovely long doggie? Maybe a hot dog Halloween costume would be a great choice! @thecorgitucker showed off an adorable hot dog costume that would make any dog mom proud. You can turn this costume into a costume pair if you happen to dress up as fries, ketchup, mustard, or a drink!

Matching Dog Costume

Matching Owner & Dog Costumes

We love couple costumes, and this Cowdog and cow costume by @pepperbernedoodle is too cute not to share! We love the role switch of the owner dressing up as an animal and pepper dressing up as a human! This costume idea would also work great if you dressed as your dog and your dog dressed like you!

Simple Dog Costume

Simple Low-Effort Dog Costumes

If your dog isn't the biggest fan of all-out costumes or wants to save some money this Halloween, you might want to go with something simple that can be conveyed in just a bandana. The @buoyofbend did a great job of utilizing this concept with their fun Dr. Suess Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3 costumes! There are so many adorable bandanas out there that you could even match with your outfit. 

Celebrate Halloween with A Delicious Treat

What's Halloween without the treats! Remember to reward your good dog for wearing the Halloween costume you've picked for them. Bonne et Filou has delicious and 100% natural dog macarons to satisfy your dog's treat cravings. Plus, they offer a long chew so it can be savored instead of instantly swallowed! We only use four all-natural ingredients: oat flour, honey, coconut oil, and all-natural yogurt. There are three flavors to choose from natural strawberry, natural mint, and natural lavender. 

Shop our packs now and get prepared to reward your dog for all those costumes you're having them try on!