5 Dog Breeds that are Perfect for Your New York City Lifestyle

A lot goes into choosing the perfect dog for you. After all, you’re making a decision to choose your new best friend, and it's not one to take lightly. You will want to consider the different breeds of dogs that are available to you, and how they differ to try and match their needs to yours. Of course, all dog breeds will vary in size, but can also vary in the amount they shed, how active they are, and how much noise they make -- all important things to consider when living in an apartment! If you’re ready to welcome in your new pup, but your New York abode isn’t exactly the Palace of Versailles, we can help. Here are some choices to get you started. 

Shih Tzu

These little darlings are posh, small, and beloved dogs for their playful and friendly, yet often calming and sweet nature. Shih Tzus are fairly low maintenance in terms of shedding, but definitely enjoy their frequent grooming days at the spa. Their easy going nature allows them to adapt easily to any new home, other pets or people. They’re a perfect choice for life long pet owners and brand new first time pet owners alike! 


If you are looking for a sweet natured companion for your New York City home, you may find it with the loving Maltese. A bit shy at first and sensitive to new people and places, these pups are truly loyal and will always be by your side. A maltese is a great option if someone in your household is sensitive to dog fur. They may need a good grooming day a little more frequently than others (who doesn’t), but are completely hypoallergenic!


Shiba Inu

If you are looking for something a little bigger, the Shiba Inu is a great choice. These dogs are independent and quiet. They’ll have no trouble lounging around while their owners are away, just expect to play and take plenty of walks when you get home! 


If you are looking to embrace the posh, New York City lifestyle, there is no better way than with a poodle, a cockapoo or a cavapoo. These dogs are highly intelligent and take kindly to the good life. They are incredibly loving, loyal, and just the type of dog stoll down the streets of the city with you.


This last answer may surprise you, but if you are looking for a large dog to cohabit a smaller space, a greyhound is an excellent choice. Despite their speediness, greyhounds are quite easygoing, friendly, and even downright lazy at times! So long as you are giving them the proper exercise they need, your greyhound will be perfectly content to join you on the couch for a quiet afternoon of Netflix.

We recommend taking the time to assess your needs and choosing a dog breed that matches up with your lifestyle. Take into account how often you will be home with them for training and playing, how frequently you will be having guests over, and what rules and weight limits you will need to comply with.