Dogs You Should Be Following on Instagram

As if we didn’t worship dogs enough, social media has made it even easier to keep up with some of our favorite pups around the world. Social media has blossomed into a paradise for our four-legged friends. Just like us, it’s a way for them to show us the lavish lifestyle they lead and keep us entertained for hours with their hilarious antics. If you are looking to add a little more canine companionship to your feed, here are some of our favorite pups to follow. 

Jersey the Goldengirl (@jersey.the.goldengirl)

Our first stop is Jersey the Golden Girl. This Goldendoodle pup simply radiates the luxury lifestyle, just take a look at her own house she has under her stairs! This pup lives the posh lifestyle that we are all about and we’re here for it! 

Chiffon (@chiffonthemaltipoo)

Our next pup is one of our biggest fans (likewise for us!), Chiffon the Maltipoo. This pup is a triple threat brand ambassador for, aspiring dancer and sous chef! Check out some of the awesome gifts and accessories on Gift Spawt and watch Chiffon dance her way into your hearts. Follow your dreams, Chiffon! 

Tia, Mochi, Milo & Mia (@4yorkiesinvegas)

Nothing brightens up our day like keeping up with Tia, Mochi, Milo, and Mia of @4yorkiesinvegas. From trying to work from home to working out with their dog momma, these four pups are full of personality and together make up the world’s cutest quartet.

Alta (@altatheibizanhound)

We’re not all about just little dogs at Bonne et Filou, and we love to follow @altatheibizanhound! If there are two things these pups love, it’s art and cookies. We love watching them explore murals all around their home of Nashville, just like this one! 

Athena & Ares (@athenanares)

Nothing says sibling goals like this husky brother and sister duo Athena and Ares. When they’re not professionally modeling for antique furniture, they enjoy sharing a snack, long walks, and the occasional howl. 

Theo and Cato (@theobonaparte)

We all love a little dog humor, and that’s our favorite part about Theo and Cato of @theobonaparte. This doggie duo of brothers keeps it coming with creative quips and hilarious posts. If you’re looking for dog costumes, brotherly love, and some homemade dog memes, you’ve definitely come to the right place. 


Piggy and Polly (@piggyandpolly)

Sometimes a feature on @theobonaparte, we have Piggy and her sister Polly of @piggyandpolly. We’ve got to say, watching these star crossed lovers pine for each other has been the highlight of our quarantine so far. Check them out on their website for awesome products like leashes, harnesses, collars, and more! 


Filou (@mademoiselle_filou)

Speaking of all this talk of snacks, what list wouldn’t be complete without the mascot of Bonne et Filou herself, Filou! Our Cavapoo fuRiend loves sharing her stories as she takes on life in New York City, adventures of all sorts, and delicious Bonne et Filou dog macarons (being an ambassador is hard work after all!)