Sitting in the Lap of Luxury: How Versailles Became a Pet Paradise

Versailles is well known to be a paradise to dogs, and dog lovers alike - it’s been that way for centuries! This Haute doggy heaven is exactly what inspired us to recreate this feeling in modern New York City. How did Versailles, and the country of France begin treating their pups like the kings and queens they are? Well, that requires a little history.

Dating all the way back to King Louis XIV hiring a personal chef for his dogs (of his favorites being named Bonne and Filou), dogs that have been treated like royalty. This kind of dedication to his dogs set the tone for royalty to come, and for the rest of the city. In 1692, King Louis officially moved his court to the extravagant Palace of Versailles, where his beloved pups would roam wearing diamond studded collars by day, and sleep in satin sheets by night, complete with their own personal chamber of course! If this weren’t enough to let his love for his pup reverberate through the halls of the palace for centuries, Royal portraits of King Louis and his family will often feature no less than two dogs at a time. 

Not to be outdone by their predecessor, Kings Henri III, and Louis XV made their love for their pets well known, the latter even getting his citizens involved by organizing an official procession to give his dog treats.  

As time marches on, the love of dogs stays, with many significant French figures treating their beloved pets like their own children. Beginning with Marie Antoinette’s own dog, a pug named Mops, royal canines were pampered with lavish furniture of their own. Of course, the more elaborate the better! Just take a look at this kennel fit for royalty:

Kennels like these featuring luscious satins and golden adornments were often commissioned and were the true mark of wealth and luxury for royalty and citizens alike. 

The love for all things lavish for these posh pups has not stopped even today. Versailles, much like New York City is a paradise for pets of all kinds! We may not live in the palace of Versailles, but we can sure feel that way with one taste of a Bonne et Filou’s macarons for dogs. Let your dog experience the lap of French Royalty just like the pups of King Louis, King Henry and the long line of canine royalty.