Just like humans may prefer to stay warm inside on a rainy day, dogs often do as well. For instance, if you like to run outdoors and it begins to rain, you may opt for a run inside on the treadmill. Dogs, however, don’t have the same options. Understandably, it may take a bit of convincing for your pup to take a walk in the rain, but with the right essentials, they’ll be just as comfortable walking in the rain as they are in the sunshine.


Nothing can be much worse than holding onto a dripping wet leash during your walk that begins to smell like, well, wet dog. With a waterproof dog leash from ‘If It Barks,’ a soggy leash won’t be a problem ever again. Made out of waterproof, Biothane material, this leash is also smell-proof. Yes, you read that right. Next time your dog prances into a puddle, your pup will wag its tail, and you won’t bat an eye. Strong, handmade in the USA, and easy to clean, this leash will keep you and your pet stylish even in the pouring rain. Minnie the Boxer, @lolaandminnietheboxers, pictured above, is already taking advantage of this cool and clean waterproof collar and leash to play in the rain.


For those days that your pet is ready for their walk, and they don’t quite realize it’s raining yet, a light raincoat can protect their coat from getting soaking wet. Put your pup into the cute and cozy “rain breaker lite” that @shopmisoandfriends offers. You can purchase this pastel outerwear on the Miso and Friends website. This water-repellent rain breaker is exceptionally lightweight, has a built-in harness hole, elastic bands, and a functional pocket. If your city experiences more than light, unpredictable rain, you can also go with an insulated rain jacket that’s perfect for hard rain or snow. Grab your pet a raincoat and join their sweet and stylish family, just like @Jeditheshihtzu!


You’re on a walk in New York City, the cement is wet with fallen rain, and the changing leaves are pasted to the cement. The rain is still falling, but your pet is desperate to go outside and leave its spot by the window. Although wet pawprints on the ground are PAWdorable, it’s best to protect your pet’s feet with rain boots for their precious paws. No more grass, mud, or leaves getting stuck in-between the pads of your dog’s paws. Birdie, @itmebirdie is rocking her Good2Go Rain or Shine Boots and enjoying their walk in their favorite park. Enjoy the bright, lightweight coverage for your pet’s feet and a piece of mind to protect their paws.


Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear umbrella leashes. Just ask @peanutbuttersthepugs! The New York Dog Shop knows exactly how to treat their royal animals. They offer a Puppia Umbrella Leash that can support dogs up to 15 pounds and is translucent so you can see how your pet is doing. Why not treat your dog just as you would treat yourself? Most people don’t enjoy walking out in the rain, and in fact, that’s why umbrellas exist! So, keep your furry friend in mind next time you’re running in the rain and get your small pets this umbrella leash for any rainy day walks that lie ahead.


On the off chance that your pet gets wet or dirty on their walk while using all of the above rainy day walk essentials, @GriffinsHaru offers a drying towel that you can wrap your pet in to clean them off before they make a mess of the house. This super-soft drying towel is gentle on your dog’s coat with ultra-absorbent chenille microfiber fabric. This towel dries fast so that you can use it back to back for as many soggy walks as your precious pup wants to talk.


Was your pup quite the good dog during their walk? Did they stay under their umbrella leash or sit still during their towel down? If so, why not treat them to a royal selection of Bonne et Filou macarons! Need a little extra love after a wet walk in the park? We also offer a Hemp pet shampoo from Petals and Tails. We offer nothing but the best treatment for all of our furry Bonne et Filou family!

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