If you’re anything like us when pawing through your Instagram feed, we scroll past a plethora of adorable pets. While admiring all the different dog influencers will NEVER get old, we love to mix it up. That’s where pet siblings come in. Are you following any? It’s a two-for-one deal you’ll never regret clicking ‘follow’ for. Check out our list of seven Instagram pet siblings that you won’t want to miss. From Boston terriers to golden retrievers, our list comprises breeds that will make our readers fall in puppy love.


For all of the world’s foodies and philanthropists, Maggie and Orbit will become your new best friends. These two Boston terriers are co-founders of @the.pet.summit, an educational conference that connects bloggers, brands, and rescues! Go on an adventure with the siblings to state parks, islands, and the beach. If you can’t get enough of their photos, they fill their feed with reels for a sweet video surprise. To learn more, you can visit their Instagram at @maggielovesorbit or check out the pair’s website, www.maggielovesorbit.com!


Multi-platform pups Harold and Harley are full corgi siblings on top of all of the internet’s most trendy apps. They have Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, and even offer custom videos via their Cameo. Corgis are known to be naturally dynamic, fun-loving, and playful animals. This tongue-panting, tail-wagging duo is everything that their breed characteristics claim them to be and more. If you want to put a smile on your face, be sure to follow these cute corgi booties ASAP.


Two huskies that love to dress up—Need we say more? You may already know this pair, @2husketeers, and their newly adopted sibling, @HoyatheJindo, due to their large following of over 200,000 husky lovers! You can tell the two apart by their different facial markings. Nika has a forehead marking, and Kira has markings reminiscent of an eye mask! Thanks to this tip, we can always tell which husky pup it is we’re “paw” ing over. Be sure to visit their Instagram and click follow. Let them know that Bonne et Filou sent you!


Frenchies and food. What could possibly be a better combination? Bruce and Bella have got a good hold on Instagram with their @frenchieandthefood Instagram as well as their “pawsonal” feed, @brucelovesbella. The power of the puppy dog eyes is real with this hungry duo. Don’t worry, though. Their dog momma feeds them well. Do we see Bonne et Filou macarons in their future? We think yes. French macarons for a French Bulldog? That’s a no-brainer. Make sure you show this puppy pair some love by liking and following their feeds.


If you love a good laugh, dressed-up pets, and an endless amount of fluffy cuteness, you need to follow Toby and Percy. From pranks to memes, these Papillon’s are as playful as it gets. We adore the sibling love that’s reminiscent of the tricks and fun we poked at our brothers and sisters. You can follow Toby and Percy on Instagram at @tobeyandpercy. We promise you won’t regret what you’re about to see. We have to last words to convince you if you haven’t been already—puppy pancakes.


Dogs and plants are the vibes of these large great Dane’s Instagram persona. Leia and Levi are laid back and can almost always be seen next to their owner’s plants or outdoors enjoying wild nature. They straddle the line between intimidating and soft. Don’t believe us? Check out Leia wearing a flower crown on more than one occasion over on their Instagram, @leia.levi. After seeing this pair, we’re ready to take a camping trip in a yurt. All we need is our pups, a camera and now a flower crown, too.


Golden retrievers are known to be some of the most loveable and sweet dogs that one can have. Paisley and Poppy are no exception to this, and they’re sure to brighten up anyone’s day with their precious smiles and shiny golden coats. Since we can’t get enough of their Instagram, @paisleypluspoppy, we also found their Facebook page where anyone can find even more pictures and videos of their sunny lives. 


Whether your furry family is a party of one, two, three, or even a whole puppy crew, we’ve got you covered with all-natural human-grade ingredient French-inspired macarons for pets. You can purchase single boxes or bundles of 2, 3, and 5. Our macarons are hard, which means they’re perfect for breaking up to give each of your royal pups a little taste of French heaven.

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