5 Reasons Why Gourmet Dog Treats Are Better Than Regular Ones

As dog owners, we are always on the hunt for the most delicious treats for our dogs. Our four-legged friends get so much pleasure out of yummy treats, they do tricks for them! So, is it any wonder that we are turning towards gourmet dog treats in our droves? Of course, they taste a lot better, but did you know there are many benefits to giving your pupper a gourmet treat over a regular one? Keep reading to find out more.

Why are gourmet dog treats better?

1. Unique Flavors

Luxury dog treats usually come in unique flavors for your dog to try. Say goodbye to boring chicken or beef, you can now offer your fur babies mouth-watering flavors such as salted caramel or lavender! Just remember the treats are for your dog and not for you!

Tasting these more unique flavors is also a great way to enrich your dog's life. Just the simple act of tasting something other than their regular dog food can inject so much pleasure into your pup's daily routine.

2. Natural ingredients

Gourmet dog treats are usually made from higher quality ingredients than those found in regular dog treats. They are made from a handful of natural ingredients and because they are made in smaller batches, the ingredients are fresher making them tastier! There are also some gourmet dog treats that are made from human-grade ingredients which make them some of the healthiest and most natural dog treats you can buy.

3. Best for dogs with sensitive stomachs

If you have been rationing your pup's dog treats because they have a sensitive stomach then a gourmet dog treat is for you. You no longer have to worry about any artificial colors or preservatives which would usually upset your puppo's stomach. Some luxury treats are also free from wheat and corn making them much gentler on the stomach.

4. Handmade

The finest gourmet dog treats are handmade making them a true luxury for your dog. Each one is carefully and lovingly crafted which ensures only the freshest ingredients are included. As these are bespoke treats they make for wonderful gifts to give your dog on special occasions. Just don't forget to take a picture before they are gobbled up!

5. Supports Small Businesses

Gourmet dog treats are usually produced by small businesses with locally sourced ingredients. A recent survey showed that 53% of Americans value a more personal relationship when choosing where to spend their money which is why supporting small businesses is becoming increasingly more popular. You will usually find a face behind the brand which shows they truly stand behind their treats. Gone are the days when faceless dog treat brands dominated the market, us dog owners are spending more time and energy looking at where our dog treats are coming from.

To conclude, gourmet dog treats make a great addition to your dog's life. Not only do they taste great, but they are also made with natural ingredients, making them the perfect choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs. These handmade treats provide an extra special touch and they also help support small business owners who take pride in crafting high-quality products specifically designed with dogs in mind.

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