6 Best 'Dog Box' Subscriptions to Join Right Now

Spoiling our pets is one of the greatest joys we can give our pets, and now we can make sure it happens monthly and consistently! Subscription boxes have taken over in almost every industry, including pet products. We've searched high and low for unique dog subscription boxes that are unique as your pup. See our list of the six best monthly dog box subscriptions!

1. Bullymake

Who is Bullymake?

Bullymake is a monthly dog subscription box for those strong chewers in your life. Bullymake believes you shouldn't waste money on toys your dog will destroy in moments. That's why they provide boxes that have durable toys for your pup! Bullymake products are USA made using their specialty nylon, rubber, and ballistic products. 

The Bullybox Process

Bully box has a simple 4 step subscription box sign up. 

  1. Pick your plan of either one month, three months, six months, or 12 months.
  2. Then tell them about your pet, including weight, allergies, preferences.
  3. Choose what you want in your dog's box or let Bullybox decide for you. 
  4. Next, they ship your box out the next business day and, depending on your subscription, every 30 days. 

What's in the Bullymake monthly dog box? 

This dog subscription box comes with 2 - 3 durable dog toys for your dog's play type and 2 - 3 nutritious dog treats. They also offer to replace those 2 - 3 treats with two other toys if your dog has severe food allergies.

Deals on Bullybox?

Upon visiting bullybox.com, we received a prompt to get an extra $10 when you sign up for their newsletter. They also offer an online coupon that will give you a free toy with each box for life. Bullybox also offers discounts up to 20% off for long-term subscriptions.


Happy Wags Dog Subscription Box

2. Happy Wags!

Who is Happy Wags?

Happy Wags! Inc. is an online dog mart that offers a vast inventory of dog products. They offer products specifically for puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, dog clothes, and even dog parties. Along with those services, they also provide monthly dog subscription boxes!

The Happy Wags Process

Happy Wags describes the process as three simple steps.

  1. Tell them about your dog. Is your dog small, medium, or large, how old is your dog, and if your dog has any treat sensitivities?  
  2. You pick your plan. The longer the plan, the more of a discount you get.
  3. Your dog gets their box and every 30 days after that.

What's in the Happy Wags box?

The Happy Wags monthly dog box comes with two treats, two chewies, and two toys. 

Happy Wags Deals?

Happy Wags doesn't seem to offer any coupons on their site, but they offer up to 25% off for long term subscriptions. 

Bowzer Monthly Dog Box

3. Bowzer Box

Who is Bowzer Box?

Bowzer Box offers your dog handpicked high-quality toys and treats. Their subscription box is proudly Canadian, founded by a group of dog owners wanting to provide Canadian toys and treats for your pets. 

The Bowzer Box Process

The Bowzer monthly dog box has a quick three-step subscription process. 

  1. Select your pet's size.
  2. Choose the type of box. 
  3. Pick your plan.

What is in the Bowzer Box?

All Bowzer Box's treats will be from Canada or the USA. Sometimes, if they find something special from another country, they'll add that too. Bowzer Box inspects every item to ensure only the highest quality products make it to your dog. This is true no matter where your dog's treats or toys come from. A Bowzer Box usually includes one toy, two treats, and two chews or another accessory.

Any Bowzer Box Deals?

No coupons appear to be on the site, but they offer a discount with long term subscription. Bowzer Box also offers an affiliate program.

Suprise Pawty

4. Surprise Pawty

Who is Surprise Pawty?

Surprise Pawty offers a 100% satisfaction dog subscription box. They customize each box to meet your dog's unique needs. Surprise Pawty tests every product to ensure your pup gets the safest quality treats and products. They also donate part of their proceeds to dog-friendly causes! This includes shelters, rescues, and other non-profit organizations that better life for dogs.

The Surprise Pawty Process

Three easy breezy steps to subscribe to Surprise Pawty.

  1. Create your dog's profile. You'll fill it with information like your dog's size, age, and preferences. 
  2. Next, you'll pick your plan and even have the option to pause or skip a box.
  3. Boxes are shipped around the 20th of each month!

What is in a Surprise Pawty Monthly Dog Box?

The Surprise Pawty Box features toys, chews, innovative products, treats, essentials, and accessories. Each box will have 5 -6 premium-grade products. All treats are all-natural, organic, and made in the USA. They even offer a gift for pawrents too! If it's your dog's birthday month, they will even include a special treat and a custom design pawty box.

Any Surprise Pawty Deals?

When you visit the Surprise Pawty website, you get a pop up inviting you to join their newsletter. This includes $10 off your first Surprise Pawty Box.

Pup Mom Monthly Dog Box

5. Pup Mom Crate

Who is Pup Mom Crate?

Pup Mom Crate is a bit different from the other subscription boxes on our list because it's a box you get to celebrate your pup mamahood! This monthly dog box contains treats and toys for both you and your pooch! This includes fun lifestyle items and cosmetics for you and treats and toys for your doggie. Treat yourself and your dog with Pup Mom Crate!

The Pup Mom Crate Process

Pup Mom Crate has a simple process of: 

  1. Subscribe
  2. Receive
  3. Share

What is in Pup Mom Crate?

The Pup Mom Crate comes with beauty and lifestyle items for you and dog treats and toys for your pup! Each box will have 5 - 8 items that are shipped on the 5th of every month.

Any Pup Mom Crate Deals?

We didn't see any official coupons when visiting their site. But they do have an affiliate program for any of you 'pup mom' influencers!

RescueBox Dog Subscription Box

6. RescueBox

Who is RescueBox?

RescueBox is an organization built on helping dogs in need. They provide monthly subscription boxes for you to spoil your pet. Plus, your money goes towards providing less fortunate dogs with life-saving support! When you're a member, you impact an animal's life with the help of RescueBox's partners. These include Greater Good, Rescue Bank, The Animal Rescue Site, and A Shot at Life. Get a great monthly dog box and help the less fortunate with RescueBox.

The Rescue Box Process

RescueBox outlines its process as four steps.

  1. Select your box type. Choose a box that you know your dog will love.
  2. Choose a subscription plan. For every month you subscribe, RescueBox provides 10 pounds of food to a shelter.
  3. Your dog's box is uniquely packed and shipped for their enjoyment.
  4. You make an impact.

What is in RescueBox?

Every RescueBox includes unique toys, treats, and accessories, hand-selected by pet-lovers.

Any RescueBox Deals?

When visiting resucebox.com, you're prompted with an offer for $5 towards a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription. 

The Perfect Subscription For Your Pup

Subscription boxes can be a lot of fun, and with so many options, you're sure to find the perfect box for your fur-friend. Did you know that at Bonne et Filou, we also have subscriptions for our dog macarons? It's true! If you can subscribe and save 10%. Just choose how often you'd like your dog to receive our healthy and 100% handmade treats. Choose from every month, three months, six months, or 12 months!