How to Care for Big Dogs in NYC

Whether you're moving to NYC to make your dreams a reality or you've been here all your life, one thing is for sure; you'll always need a best friend! Sometimes a best friend is in the form of a big dog, and living with a big dog in NYC can be a little hard but not impossible! At Bonne et Filou, we love dogs of every size, and we love NYC! Since we've called NYC home for quite some time now, here are a few things we recommend that you take into consideration when moving with your big dog or getting a fur-ever friend in NYC.

  • Can you afford the extra costs of having a big dog in NYC?
  • Do you love vacationing? Spending your nights and weekends exploring what the city has to offer?
  • Is your current apartment big dog friendly?

These questions can help you decide if moving to NYC or getting a big dog is yours and your dog's best option. No matter what, just because you have a small space doesn't necessarily mean you need a little dog! Check out our tips for caring for a big dog in NYC!

Big Dogs on a walk

Exercise & Socialize

One of the best ways to care for your big dog in NYC is to make sure they are getting the exercise and socialization they need to live a happy and healthy life. New York City is full of great dog parks and exercise options.

Dog Running

You've heard of dog walking services but have you heard of dog running services? Happy Pants knows that the people of NYC have hectic schedules but they also LOVE their dogs! Happy pants provide private runs which is a two dog run that occurs Monday - Friday for either 30 or 45 minutes anywhere from one to five times a week. They also offer exclusive dog runs for dogs with health issues, behavioral issues, or if they just want to run alone. Happy Pants offers its services to many of NYC's neighborhoods. Check out their site

NYC Dog Hiking

Want to give your dog a chance to take in the great outdoors and socialize with some fun, life-loving dogs? Kristi's Kanines provides dogs with a full day of activities, including swimming, hiking, and socialization. Kristi's Kanines picks up your dog in the morning and then takes your dog to one of the best dog hiking locations to enjoy some outdoor adventure for 2.5 - 3 hours! They assure you that your dog will be happy and tired. Check out their website to see what areas they service and what their onboarding looks like!

Dog-Friendly Parks in NYC

If you are a bit tight on cash or have the flexibility to exercise your big dog, then a trip to one of NYC's dog-friendly parks may be the best option for you and your pup! Here are a few locations we recommend:

  1. Bronx Park Off-Leash Area
  2. Brooklyn War Memorial Off-Leash Area
  3. DiMattina Park Dog Run in Brooklyn
  4. Chelsea Waterside Park Dog Run in Manhattan
  5. Fishbridge Park Garden Dog Run in Manhattan
  6. Alley Pond Park Off-Leash Area in Queens
  7. Allison Park Off-Leash Area in Staten Island

As with all dog runs, parks, and off-leash areas, remember to stay safe and follow all the rules. Keep a close eye on your dog, pick up after your dog, and remember to keep your dog up to date on vaccines!

Getting proper exercise and socialization can do wonders when transitioning to NYC with your big dog. Exercise can prolong your dog's life, ensure their quality of life is optimal, and even lessen behavioral issues.

Woman and dog shaking paw

Training Your Dog For An NYC Apartment

The hardest part of transitioning your big dog to a small NYC apartment is keeping your dog and neighbors happy. While exercise can help entertain and tire your dog leading to fewer behavioral issues, nothing substitutes for training. If you're adopting a puppy that will one day be a big dog, it's an excellent opportunity to start young and train! However, if you are getting a full-grown dog or are relocating with your big dog to NYC, there is still hope, and training will save your sanity.

Private Training

Since 2005 DogBoy NYC has been training dogs and their humans to live happier lives. DogBoy NYC offers private in-home dog training sessions and behavior consultation and is even currently offering online sessions due to the pandemic. Private training starts by learning the goals you have for your dog, then they design a plan using practical and humane methods, and then they schedule sessions for you and your pup at your convenience! We strongly encourage you to look at all the in-home and online options available to you!

Day School For Dogs

If you're working a typical 9 to 5 day job, the people at Urban K-9 can help train your dog while you're away! They will work in your home for 1 hour a day 3 - 5 days a week or based on the program you and the trainer have decided on. Urban K-9 has found that hands-on training with both you and your dog at the end of the week is far more effective than a merely one-on-one trainer and dog training throughout the week. They will also record and share their daily training with you. Check out their day school details and success stories over at!

Big Dog in Bath

Grooming Your Dog In NYC

Big city dogs need a bit more grooming than suburban dogs since the city can be quite dirty at times. Luckily for you and your dog, there are many grooming options! 

Self-Service Dog Wash

NYC apartments can be relatively small, especially when you're bathing a large dog that could be even bigger than you! If going to a full-on dog groomer is a bit out of your price range, you may want to consider a self-service dog wash where they provide the washing stations, soaps, professional dryers, towels, scrubbers, and you do all the dirty work! Dog Wash N' Go is a dog washing company in NYC that provides self-service dog washing stations along with additional add on services, and even a full-service pet groomer if you'd like a professional treatment from time to time. Check out all they have to offer at

Professional Grooming

Want to leave grooming to the professionals? We don't blame you; washing your dog can get messy! Digs Hotel in Brooklyn, NY, is a luxurious hotel spa for dogs! They offer top-notch luxury accommodations for doggy daycare as well as full grooming services. Get your pup a full bath wash that includes a nail trim, ear clean, glands cleaning, or a full bath and hair cut. Check out their brush out and de-shedding options on their website

Woman and dog shaking a paw

Caring For Your Big Dog in NYC

We love our animals, and we'd do anything for them, including making their NYC lifestyle as comfortable and luxurious as possible. Transitioning to an NYC apartment with your big dog may be difficult at first, but with the right exercise, training, and support, you and your big dog will be living the dream in NYC! Don't forget to treat your big dog to Bonne et Filou's long-lasting chewy dog macarons to reward them for being such a great addition to your life! Do you have any tips on caring for your big dog in NYC? Let us know!