Celebrate National Dog Week 2020

Dog lovers unite! It's a week-long celebration of our favorite furry companions. We celebrated National Dog Day on August 26th, but now, starting September 21st - 27th, we celebrate the joy that our dogs give us for an entire week. 

The History of National Dog Week 

It seems like people are making up these national holidays and weeks, but there is actually a lot of history behind National Dog Week! It all started in 1928 by a World War I veteran named Captain William Judy. Captain Judy dedicated his life to spreading the news about the spiritual bond that connects humans and dogs, creating National Dog Week. 

He was the publisher of Dog World magazine and used this podium to speak out about how dogs can help with services and therapy. This type of thinking propelled how we look at dogs since this was a new way of thinking. 

How You & Your Dog Can Celebrate National Dog Week 2020

The first ever celebration of National Dog Week took place in the 1940s at the Rockefeller Center. It was a grand celebration involving lots of love, dogs, and the American Kennel Club. 

During this year's National Dog Week, which starts on September 21st, we may not be able to gather together to kick off the celebration, but we can reflect on what our dogs mean to us, how they improve many lives, and how we can improve all dogs' lives worldwide. This year we've thought up some ways you and your pup can celebrate all week long while still practicing safe social distancing! 

Read one of Captain William Judy's Dog Books

What a better way to celebrate National Dog Week than reading one of the dog-loving books that were written by the founder of this national week! Don't Call a Man a Dog can be found on Amazon and is full of stories between dogs and their people. Excerpts from his book can also be found online if you don't have the time to read an entire book "Why the World Likes Dogs," and "A Dog's Prayer for his Master," are both highly recommended experts by multiple dog-loving sources that may even have you shed a happy tear.

Have A Photoshoot With Your Dog

Commemorate National Dog Week by having a photoshoot with your dog. Take a look at all the best tips for creating Instagram perfect pictures to share with your followers and our special article about how to create a photoshoot for your dog.

Our blog only featured a solo shoot, but we recommend you hoping in on the picture to create picture-perfect memories for National Dog Week 2020!

Pamper Them With A Doggie Spa Day

Show how much you care and give your dog the best doggie spa day! If you're looking to stay distant, you could always perform your doggie spa day. We recommend getting your pup nice and tired first to ensure maximum relaxation. We're sure they wouldn't mind a run in the park! Thanks to the internet, we have the world at our fingertips and can order all the spa products we need with the click of a button. Check out our guide to your dog's at-home spa day

Are you living in New York? There are plenty of excellent dog spa options for your pet that is currently open and practicing safe social distancing guidelines! 

Check out our favorite dog spas in New York and what they offer!

Volunteer or Show Monetarily Support For Dogs In Need

We've all seen the heartbreaking commercials about dogs in need, and although we don't like seeing this, we as dog lovers, want to help them all. Choose a favorite charity for dogs in need and show your support by donating your time or money. 

Captain William Judy, the founder of National Dog Week, was all about showing dogs the kindness they deserve, and we can accomplish this with our support.

Learn More About Caring For Your Dog

We can always rely on our dogs to greet us with a happy tail and a sloppy kiss! But because of this, we can't always tell if there is something wrong. We recommend taking some time during National Dog Week to learn more about your dog. You could learn about: 

  • What dogs really need in their diets
  • How to make sure your pup is getting the right exercise
  • How to care for senior pups
  • How to help your dog with separation anxiety
  • Your dog's body language

The list of things you could learn about goes on! We may think we know all about our dogs’ needs or wants, but a little research can improve their lives and possibly yours! 

Let us know what you find in your research. 

Check out the Bonne et Filou Blog and learn all about dog news, tips, and exciting finds.

Celebrate National Dog Week With A Delicious Treat

Seven days of celebration isn't even enough for us dog lovers, but really, we live every week like it's National Dog Week. We also recommend giving your pup an extra delicious treat! A dog macaron that is 100% all-natural and all flavorful! Consider ordering a variety pack. This way, you can give your pup three different flavors during National Dog Week. 

And remember to treat your dog extra fabulous, show your support for dogs in need, and learn more about dog care! Remember to tag us in your National Dog Week photoshoot on Instagram, @BonneetFilou!