A Guide to Your Dog’s At Home Spa Day

Let’s face it, quarantine is getting tough. While things are slowly but surely picking back up with caution, you may be itching for things to return to normal so that you can return to your favorite restaurants, reconnect with seemingly long lost friends, and of course, schedule that much needed spa day. Your dog is no different. We’ve been doing our best to stay occupied while staying safe, limiting our walks and outside time as much as possible and this can be quite taxing on your dog’s health! Just like us, they deserve the opportunity to get away from it all with a trip to the spa. There’s nothing like a good day of pampering and self-care at the spa to help us ease through these stressful times. Here are some of our best tips for dog owners who want to treat their pup this quarantine with an at home spa day. Just because they can’t make it out to their favorite posh doggie spa does not mean they can’t enjoy one at home!

Table of Contents

Get Them Nice and Tired First

If your dog is like most, they are not too keen on taking baths. Even the most lavish pups shy away from the tub on spa day. Help them to burn off some energy and help ease their jitters by treating them to some extra playtime, in a place where your dog can socialize and be comfortable in a welcoming environment, such as Playground Pups

Whether that means a nice, brisk and socially distant walk or jog around the neighborhood or, if space permits, a lively game of fetch, getting your dog nice and tired is key to a good spa day. After all, there is nothing like a well earned spa day after a good workout. Plus, treating them to a nice workout beforehand will save you the workout of trying to keep them still while grooming.

Be Sure to Have All Your Materials on Hand

Whether your spa day is built to include some at home nail clipping, shampooing, brushing, or the works, it is best to make sure you have all of your materials in order before any water gets involved at all. Once you start, you will want all your pet products with you to avoid having to run to the other room with a wet dog following you. 

Treat Them to a Nice Massage

Who doesn’t like a good massage? Believe it or not, dogs tend to carry a lot of stress in their muscles and joints just like we do. Start with small, gentle circular motions starting at the top of your dog’s head. Slowly work your way down to their shoulders. Your dog may thank you by sitting, or rolling over for a belly rub. While a belly scratching break is fine, make sure to keep your massaging motions around the head, neck and shoulder area where the tension is. When massaging, make sure to pay close attention to your dog’s body language and cues and adjust accordingly if you are going too hard or too soft. If you are really ready to take it to the next level, check out some of our favorite doggie massage oils and treatments for aromatherapy, arthritis, and more at Aroma Paws. They offer a variety of scents and uses to elevate your dog’s spa day and keep them feeling happy and at ease. From ear washes, bug repellants, conditionings and more, your dog will be pampered from head to toe! (or paw)

Bath Time

What we’ve all been waiting for, the main event, bath time. A nice relaxing bath with warm soothing water and conditioning shampoo will be just what your dog needs to sink into their day of relaxation. Be sure to start slow, making sure your dog is comfortable. Once they’re in, get a nice later going with your favorite dog shampoo. When it comes to dog shampoo, we can’t get enough of Les Poochs luxury dog shampoo. Their selection of shampoos and creme rinses and vitamin and antioxidant enriched for soothing, hydrating and even invigorating your pup. Be sure to pick up a brush or two while you’re there. Trust us, a nice bath will leave them feeling as good as they look and smell!

Get Their New Look on!

Your dog is smelling and feeling great, now it’s time to get them looking even better. Whether your dog’s coat requires much maintenance or not, there is nothing quite like a nice brush through to keep your dog’s coat looking it’s best. A regular brush through will help to remove dead hair, and more importantly, redistribute the natural oils found in their fur to stimulate their skin and promote a nice looking healthy coat. After your brush, top it all off with everyone’s favorite end to their spa day, the classic mani/pedi. More than just for looks, letting your dog’s nails get too long can actually cause their toes to splay or twist when they walk, so it is important to keep them looking trim and proper. If you are not comfortable trimming your dog's nails on your own, make sure to start small, only trimming small bits at a time with a quick, swift motion. A good rule of thumb is that if you can hear your dog’s nails clicking as they walk, they are still too long. According to Dana VanPamelen, marketing and retail manager at the New York Dog Spa & Hotel, one of our favorite places in New York, dog grooming today is more than just a simple trim and a toenail clip. The spa offers a perfect service in boarding, daycare, grooming and training, along with 24-hour service for overnight guests. 

Wrap it Up and Share a Nice Treat

Your dog is dry, relaxed, and looking beautiful. Now it is time for the piece de resistance, a lavish treat. We recommend the delectable dog macarons from Bonne et Filou. Our macarons come in three delicious flavors sure to suit your dog’s palate. Best of all, they help to promote healthy digestion and a healthy shiny coat. After a day of health and self care, give your dog an indulgence you can feel good about, and don’t forget a little something for yourself either. You worked hard to put together a beautiful spa day for you and your pup, you deserve it!