How To Create A Photoshoot For Your Dog

Capture The Most Adorable Pictures For Your Dogstagram

At Bonne et Filou, we love looking at all the #DogsofInstagram, and honestly, we see nothing but great pictures! If you want to check out who we follow on the gram, you can check our blog post on 'Dogs You Should Be Following On Instagram.' We know there are more dogs out there that deserve to be Instafamous. That is why we have put together this article on how to plan a photoshoot for your dog! We're going to let you know what equipment you can and should use, the importance of stay, and how to effortlessly capture the most adorable pictures. 

Choosing The Right Equipment


Nowadays, we all have cameras right in our pockets, which is great because that's the first step of taking a great picture of your pup. There is no need to spend money on a fancy DSLR camera if this is just a hobby you do now and then. Although the latest phone tech still doesn't quite match the resolution of the latest camera technology, you can still capture an amazing photo. 


Being a dog model can be hard work, and your dog might need a bit more motivation to stay interested. We suggest using their favorite treat! The treat can be used to capture your dog's attention in order to grab the picture you desire. 

The Tricks To Taking The Best Dog Pics


Training your dog on the commands, sit and stay, are useful not only for a well-behaved dog in general but also for taking great pics! There are unlimited resources on how to teach your dog (no matter what age) a new trick. If you're in the NYC area and are looking to get all-around training Shelby Semel is a canine behavior expert and trainer. They are even offering virtual private training sessions amid COVID-19. If you are looking for something you can do on your own, we recommend checking out training tips on Youtube. Once your pup has mastered the art of "sit" and "stay," you'll really be able to get every shot at every angle!


The Perfect Headshot

If you're looking to get the perfect shot of your pup staring straight into the camera, it is time to break out the treats! You'll want to capture your pooch's attention and hold the treat right near the lens to get the perfect headshot. @ella.bella.labrador is the perfect example of this adorable pose! Check out her Instagram!

The Cutest Head Turns Photos

One of our favorite types of pictures on Instagram are the ones that have dogs tilting their heads. They look too cute when they are looking slightly confused or interested. You can capture this photo also! All you have to do is not be afraid to look a little goofy. If you make a weird enough noise, your dog will do this exact head turn, and you'll be able to catch the adorable moment on camera. 

The Final Details Of The Perfect #InstaDog Pics

Dog at the BeachRemember Lighting

Both indoor and outdoor lighting can be beautiful. Try and mix up your photo's atmosphere. In the photography world, there is something called 'The Golden Hour.' Golden Hour is right after sunrise and right before sunsets. Try visiting a park, the beach, or even your backyard during these beautiful lighting hours. Alternatively, indoor shots can work just as well. We recommend using a room with lots of natural lighting.

Dog laying in homePhoto Editing

Now, we aren't saying photoshop your furbaby! They are perfect the way they are. Using a filter on Instagram is more than enough to take your picture from 'awe adorable' to 'WOW, what a beautiful dog!' When you choose a filter, you can click on 'edit,' and this is where you can play with brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, color, and about five other options! You can really make your photo pop when you utilize photo editing. 

You're Ready To Take Some Great Pictures

Taking photos of your dog can be a lot of fun, but remember to always read your dog's body language, it can tell you a lot. Remember that this is a fun activity, and you don't want to cause any discomfort or harm to your pet, so be careful! 

Now that you have all the knowledge of what makes a great Instagram dog picture get your equipment ready, your dog trained up on 'stay,' and plan your photo outing! Bonne et Filou loves seeing your dog's photos, so tag us using @Bonneetfilou and show us the pictures you were able to take!