Grow Your Dog's Social Media Account: Tips From Our Founders

You constantly see cute and creative dog pics when scrolling online. And those accounts always seem to have thousands of followers - how?

You created a profile for your pup a while back and have grown it a bit, but are now wondering how you can take the next step and start growing your followers organically and consistently. Well, we’re going to get into just how you can do that with some tips and tricks that we’ve learned along the way with our ambassador @mademoiselle_filou!

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Tips To Grow Your Social Media Account

Tip #1: Remember what makes your dog unique and showcase its personality

It doesn’t take a genius to see that every royal pup is different and no two are the same. Your pup is an original - and it’s up to you to show the world just how special they really are! If you don’t have a creative eye for pictures - that’s okay! Just focus on capturing their personality in every picture you post. You know your four-legged BFF best and are the perfect person to voice their personality. Be sure to use that voice in your captions. If you focus on showing the world who your furry friend really is, you’ll be able to kickstart their social media presence in no time at all!

Tip #2: Post consistently

If you’ve ever posted to social media you understand that the more often you post, the more opportunities for people to like your post. The more they like your post, the more likely you’ll get to the top of their social feeds in the future. Instagram uses an algorithm, a tool that ranks posts and determines which posts should be higher than others. Now we all want to be the “top dog” so keep in mind that posting consistently is key. Use your page insights to see when your followers are the most active and post during those times. Once you find what works for you and your followers - your canine companion will be well on their way to social fame!

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Tip #3: Use trendy hashtags

Hashtags have been a trending topic for a while now. Think of hashtags this way: each one represents a social community. If you click into a hashtag, Instagram will show you how many people post to the hashtag. The higher the hashtag followers, the higher the chance you have at reaching more people. Start hashtags with a couple of your specific ones, we use #BonneEtFilou and #BFFfriends to reach lucky pups everywhere.

Tip #4: Know your followers

One huge way to get to know your followers is by understanding what they like. What things do they like to talk about? What interests do they have? You can learn more about your followers by posting polls on your story, asking your followers questions, or by looking at your Instagram insights to see which of your posts got higher engagement. From there, you can create posts that will not only showcase your amazing pup but will be just what your followers love to see!

Tip #5: Follow other dog accounts

Hey, we all love dogs, otherwise, we would spend the time and money growing their Insta accounts and buying them everything their little furry hearts desire! So find some fellow fur-riend accounts and follow them! Following similar pups will help inspire and motivate you as well as increase the chances of them following you back and interacting with your account too.

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Tip #6: The most important tip of all

So by now, you’ve worked on posting more and consistently. You’ve established your following, your dog’s personality and “voice,” know when to post to reach your followers, and you’re following more pup accounts to get inspiration daily. But you’re forgetting the most important tip of all - HAVE FUN WITH YOUR PUP! Take on all of these Insta adventures together and enjoy the bonding time. A great way to show some appreciation to your newly Insta-famous canine companion is to pack some Bonne et Filou luxury treats. Not only will they make for stylish pictures for your pup’s Instagram, but your dog will love the healthy and delicious decadent dog macarons. The homemade, locally-sourced, all-natural macarons will have your pup living in the lap of luxury!

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