While Instagram started as a place for photos of food and sunsets, the ever-growing app has found it’s new favorite thing to obsess over: Dogfluencers! Yes, you’ve read that right. We’re talking about dog influencers and how they’ve taken a huge bite out of the attention on social media. If you’re anything like us you may already be following a pack of your own favorite pups, but we can’t help but notice (and follow) the many dogstagrams that really know how to make the most of the fall season. Take a look at our top 10 dogfluencers to follow this season and all year-round.


Multi-platform pup, @indythegoldendoodle and his partner-in-crime, sister Roux not only are wagging their tails for instagram, but are something to be barked about with their Tik-Tok videos. From flower crowns, sports and outfit try-ons, we can’t get enough! One of our best discoveries about Indy is that he is more than just a popular dogfluencer. Indy is a Therapy Pets Unlimited (TPU) certified therapy dog and that makes us love him all the more.


What can be cuter than dogs in flower crowns? Answer: Nothing! Mylo, Summit and their dog mom, Molly, emBARK on picturesque hikes and walks that you have to see to believe. It’s no surprise that their human is a photographer with the amazing quality you can consistently find on their feed. Mylo is a 3-year-old Pitbull mix rescue and his brother Summit is a 1-year-old Siberian Husky. We thank @findyoursummit furry much for bringing a bit of fall adventure into our feed this season and so will you!


I think we can all agree that we love a little poodle with a big personality and that’s exactly what you’ll get when checking out Teddy’s Instagram feed: @ted_gram. Roaming around New York City during the fall season visiting the Rockefeller Center, the World Trade Center or Times Square, we love following Teddy around on his little adventures around the big apple. Don’t forget to check out Teddy’s hairless feline brother, Felix Van Wrinkles and his bath time chronicles either.


Beyond being a blue-check certified Instagram famous pup, with the perfect fall frolicking feed, @reagandoodle is a labradoodle with a heart for foster care and adoption with his own set of books with his favorite little buddy. Not only an online sensation, this pawsitivity spreading pup was also featured on Steve Harvey’s TV show, Little Big Shots in 2018 and even has his own impressive website. 


You can find @mayathedox, Maya the Long-haired mini dachshund from Washington DC relaxing after her long day in a cup of hot chocolate this festive fall season. Yes, you read that right. One of the most enticing photos among the many awe-worthy posts is the zenned out photo of Maya amongst a bed of marshmallows floating atop a mug of hot cocoa. With big brother Winston, you can feast your eyes on the many adorable paw-dropping doggie costumes galore.


While @apolloruff may not have as large of a following as some of his fellow dogfluencers, he is taking social media by storm with his short but sweet posts. Whether he’s in the back of a truck full of flowers or on a canoe with his best furry friend, Bennie, these precious moments have begun to draw a large crowd. Apollo Ruff’s short legged Corgi adventures have taken him to both land and sea and we can’t wait to see where he ends up next this season.


You get double the adorable with Watson and Kiko (@wat.ki), our favorite pair of four-legged brothers on their certified Instagram page with one million followers and counting. The pair loves to cuddle on the edge of a mountain overlooking the changing fall leaves in Bend, Oregon. You won’t want to miss these adorable golden retrievers from perfect photos with ice cream cone horns to celebrating October with each other in a cozy blanket. As the CEO of hugs, Watson can be seen embracing Kiko in many of their posts and we can’t get enough; It is cuddle season after all.


A self-proclaimed “Bob Ross of Dogs”, Agador, the @poochofnyc, has the perfect puppy afro to follow this season. Fall isn’t only about the changing leaves and pumpkin spice flavors at starbucks and Agador knows it. With his informative and adorable posts about voting and veterans day, Agador has easily become one of the most beloved dogfluencers there is. When you think you’ve had your fill up of adorable, don’t forget to check out Agador’s mini me, Fred for a cuteness overload.


@kenziethecavapoo is undeniably living the life that we’ve always wanted. From her iconic NYC doorstep photos to an endless array of festive dress-up snapshots, it is no surprise that she is her own Chief Barking Officer at Hot Dudes With Dogs. One word. Icon. Now do you see why she’s living the life we’ve dreamed of? If you’re not yet convinced, check out her fall instagram highlights that put her in our top 10 dogfluencers to follow for fall.


Self-proclaimed bad girl of Instagram @pennythechorkie is a mix between a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire Terrier. Think of a sassy pint-sized pup who loves posing for the camera. That’s what you’ll get when you follow Penny. Perhaps our favorite photos on her feed are of her wearing giant holiday bows, showing off her favorite pumpkin and defending her stuffed turkey toy. How could you not follow this fashion-forward dogfluencer? She’s pawesome.


Now that you’ve made it through and are following all our top 10 favorite dogfluencers who are absolutely captivating the essence of fall, we want to see who you have on your follow list this season. Tag us in the comments of your favorite doggy influencers at @BonneetfilouWe can’t wait to see all of your gorgeous pups and even follow some, too!