The pumpkin spice season is a highly anticipated time of the year that is celebrated by many like the season is it’s own holiday. You’re enjoying the crunchy array of yellow and red fallen leaves under your feet and covering the sidewalk. The air has a cool chill to it and you and your pup are thriving in your most favorite season. While fall is truly pumpkin spice and everything nice for us humans, for our pets the season can pose some dangers for your pet.


Cue the thousands of PAWdorable photos and videos of dogs kicking up and frolicking in massive leave piles. Does anyone else love to play in the leaves themselves? We do. This favorite fall activity, while absurdly cute can pose a risk for your pup.

  • Wild Animals May Be Hiding: Hiding in those photo-worthy piles of colorful leaves could be ticks or other critters such as snakes and poisonous spiders that are dangerous to your dogs health if they come into contact with them.
  • Haven For Mold And Bacteria: Old leaves that have fallen on the ground are the perfect mold and bacteria-feeding environment that can make your dog sick. This can be especially dangerous if your dog has a cut or wound on their body that is more susceptible to infiltrating bacteria. If your dog inhales mold spores it can cause reactions that include wheezing or coughing.
  • Sharp Sticks: Unfortunately with fallen leaves also comes fallen sticks and sharp branches that have come down. The mound of leaves that your dog is running towards may be harboring a sharp stick under its surface right out of your and your dogs sight.

  • Next time you see a large pile of leaves check for the obvious signs of danger and calculate if the insta-photo is worth it! Be sure to also learn more about seasonal allergies that your dog might face during the fall season.


    Possibly the best part of the fall season is the food! Thanksgiving brings an array of decadent meals that bring the gathering of friends and family together. We all have a family member who tries to sneak our pets food at the table even though you ask them not to. While some thanksgiving themed foods are OK to feed your dog, there are also a wide variety of foods that should be avoided.

  • Turkey Bones: Turkey in and of itself is a great protein filled snack to give your dog. The bones, however, are not. No bones for a dog? We know it sounds strange but the turkey bones can chip off and get stuck in the dog's digestive tract or even cause them to choke.
  • Pies: One of the best fall desserts is paws-down apple, pumpkin and sweet potato pie. While we humans can indulge in these sweet fall treats, the added fat and sugar in these pies can turn the baked good into something bad for your dog. Skip the pie and go straight to the filling as an alternate option. Pumpkin is a safe option to give your dogs while still being season focused.
  • Chocolate: Whether you’re one who buys Halloween candy way before the holiday to munch on for yourself or someone who buys it on clearance after the holiday, it still can pose a risk for your dogs health. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs because of the stimulant theobromine that it includes. This ingredient in chocolate affects your dog's heart, nervous system and kidneys.
  • Grapes And Raisins: Although the verdict is still out on the science as to why grapes and raisins are toxic to your dog, it is a suggested food to avoid for your dog. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure and may pose an even greater risk who already suffer from health issues.

  • For a list of Thanksgiving and fall season foods that are safe for your dog, check out one of our past blogs that includes a few fall dog treats for you to make and bake for your furry friend.


    Enjoying nature and the perfect outdoor temperature with a picnic is a fall favorite for us and our dogs. To those of us who are not fungi experts, however, which lets be honest is probably most if not all of us reading this, it is difficult to tell between the different types of harmful and harmless mushrooms and toadstools that can be highly toxic to dogs. Check out this super beneficial article on mushrooms and what the signs of mushroom toxicity in your dogs are.


    Sitting by the fireplace is perhaps one of the most enjoyable indoor fall activities that one can enjoy. When there is a nice nip in the air, sitting by the fireplace or the outdoor firepit can really bring in the warm seasons greetings. Even simply lighting a fall scented candle can set the mood and completely bring in the fall vibes. While enjoying these warm and cozy activities, be sure that your pup stays near and clear from the flames that could burn them.

    • Glass Fireplace screen
    • Keep Candles Out Of Reach
    • Keep Dogs From Getting Too Close To The Fire Pit

    Using the ASPCA’s fireplace safety tips can be beneficial in learning the ways that you can keep your dog from getting hurt or worse by this fall favorite activity.


    Even with some dangerous foods and activities for your dogs, the fall season still goes on! Don’t let the things to avoid this season ruin the plenty of other activities and meals you can have with your pup. 

    When your pup needs a break from your homemade fall treats, give them a strawberry, mint, or lavender macaroon that offers a long-lasting chew and is made of 100% all-natural human-grade ingredients. Fall was intended for enjoying treats and getting cozy. Shop all of our flavors your dog will love. We love to smile, so tag us in your fall photos at @bonneetfilou and share any of the activities you have done from our post!