When the warmer weather starts to fade away and begins to slowly be replaced by a winter breeze, our first instinct is to pull out our winter clothes: coats, boots and scarves. So why shouldn’t it be the same for our pups? Of course, the beginning of winter also signals to us that it’s time to decorate for the holidays. So while you’re decorating your home and making it an overall warmer and cozier place for your family, think about the items that you have or may need for your dog to stay warm too. It is imperative that we keep our dogs as cozy as we are because they too get cold! If you’re reading this and you realize you’re not prepared, don’t panic! You’re still a great dog parent, we promise. Check out our top 5 favorite items to keep your pup as warm as a cup of hot chocolate this winter.


One of our favorite winter-time products for our dogs is the PupProtector ™ Waterproof Throw Blanket. This throw is more than just an incredibly stylish addition to your home, it is also a faux fur and waterproof blanket that protects any surface that it is on.This furry blanket will keep your pup warm in the winter all while looking like they’re laying in the lap of luxury. You can even cuddle up on this fur throw for double the warmth for both you and your pet. Choose from several furry and patterned throws that best fit your home and your pets personality. Other warm options that Paw offers to keep your pet all the more cozy are:


If you’re cold, it’s very likely that your dog is too. Luckily, it’s easy to keep your furry friend of all sizes warm and cozy all winter long in Mark and Graham’s Holiday Knit Dog Sweater. These paw-adorable sweaters are not only incredibly soft (we mean so soft that you’ll want one for yourself too), they are personalizable with your pups name embroidered on to add an extra fashionable touch. Your dog will be the most stylish pup on your street. This dog sweater comes in an array of different patterns from holiday to every-day designs so your dog doesn’t have to be an outfit repeater either! The easy to access collar hole feature can be matched with Mark And Graham’s holiday collars, too which are also able to be personalized. 


If you’re shopping for Bonne et Filou’s products we know a few things for sure..that you and your dog are smart and fashionable to the bone. We know that you enjoy luxury on a budget (and sometimes a splurge) and that you will also adore one of our favorite winter dog products to keep your pet cozy. The Confetti Dog Leggings by Walkee Paws is known to be better than the average dog bootie. Who says leggings can’t be fashionable? Not us! Whether you’re on a winter vacation or just taking a walk in the city, we can assure you that these leggings will keep your dog stylishly cozy. Check out the Walkee Paws gift guide for more fun patterns and apparel for your pup.


Sometimes a blanket or two or three isn’t enough. Having the option of a heated blanket during the cold winter months is an invention that we are grateful for being able to curl up with. The Orvis Herbal Calming Heated Blanket is a pet-friendly heated and weighted blanket option that has a calming lavender scent for those pups with anxiety. The blanket is cord-free and can be heated in the microwave for about 4 minutes to keep your pup toasty as a s’more. Not only is this one of our favorite winter-time products to keep our pup warm, it is also a year-round favorite of ours as it can be put in the freezer during warmer months to cool your pup down as well. Check out this blog for more information on the safety of heated blankets for dogs.


Quite possibly one of the greatest words in dog and human history: Snood. Yes, you’ve read that right. We hope you’re laughing and smiling as much as we did when we discovered one of the greatest winter accessories for our pups. The Reindeer Knit Dog Snood by Zoo Snoods is a must have for winter warmth. Plus, the reindeer antlers will have you doggone begging for endless photos from your pup. Kingsley and Chai, @kingsleythedood are pictured above looking warm and cozy in their snoods. Be sure to check out their instagram for winter inspirations.


Now that your pup is warm and cozy in our favorite winter-time products on the outside, keep the warmth going on the inside with our Bonne et Filou dog macarons! We are offering single flavor macarons and macaron bundles of up to 5 boxes! As always, we love to see your furry friends. Tag us @bonneetfilou in your posts with our favorite winter products, and including our all-natural macarons is always a bonus. From our pup family to yours, we are wishing you a very Yappy Howl-idays!