Some of the best gifts come in small packages. We spoil our dogs all year round, but especially on the holidays. How many of you already have a stocking hung up for your pup? We sure do and we’re here to tell you about some of the best small purchases that you can make to fit right into your dog's stocking this season. We’ve put together a unique arrangement of items from dog toys to treats all the way to care items. We believe that your pet will be doggone grateful for all the gifts no matter the size.


The perfect piece of holiday joy can be found in the Foggy Dog Red and Black Check Dog Bone Squeaky Toy. This toy is small but mighty! Made from durable upholstery-grade fabric, it is also stuffed with a squeaker and eco-friendly Sustainafill ™ that is made from recycled plastic bottles. Anything eco-friendly is a plus in our book! The dog bone squeaky toy is available in an array of designs, too, so you can pick the perfect pattern for your pup. For more small holiday gifts for your dog, check out the stocking stuffers from Foggy Dog that include an array of different items for dogs, cats and their humans, too!


Our dogs are important to us. So, what better stocking stuffer for them than a new ID tag to keep them safe? Chaparral’s Custom Hand Hammered Pet ID Tag. Personalized by hand in Los Angeles, CA, you can customize this stylish hammered ID tag to say whatever your heart desires. From your pups name, nickname or phone number, this lightweight tag is the perfect stocking stuffer for your pet. The best part? You can even have stars, moons and mountains stamped on the ID tag for a bit of extra style. Do you already have the perfect tag for your pup? No worries, Chaparral has a few of our favorite dog bandanas that are dyed with avocado and indigo.



Scrub-a-dub-dub pup in the tub! Let’s be honest-- Although we love our dogs oh so much, they don’t always smell the best. That’s where you as the owner comes in. With Wild One’s conditioning shampoo, your puppy cuddles can smell like grapefruit lemongrass or eucalyptus peppermint. Who wouldn't want that? This conditioning shampoo fits easily into your pet’s stocking and is beneficial for everyone involved. While they aren’t able to play with it, they certainly will enjoy the fresh scent after a nice warm bath. Wild One also offers a quiz to help you decide what the perfect gift for your dog is!



We’ve found the perfect stocking stuffer for the dogs with boundless energy, and if your pet can relate to this, we’ve got you covered. Surprise your dog with six festive and squeaky Ho Ho Ho Tennis Balls from Bark in their stocking this season. These red and white tennis balls will bring endless playful joy to your pup and might end up being their favorite gift of all! Bark has an entire holiday collection for your pets that are full of some of the cutest holiday stocking stuffers we’ve ever seen. In the holiday collection you will find Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year toys for your pup so that you can spoil them far beyond gift giving holidays.



Let’s face it. Your dog can be just as stylish as you and sometimes even more stylish than you. Stocking stuffers don’t just have to be filled with endless amounts of toys for playtime. Including Awoo’s Infinity Leash in their sticking is both practical and a stylish new accessory for them. The Infinity Leash comes in 4 colors which are navy, light blue, olive and pink. You can complete this look with Awoo’s matching pack collar in coordinating colors. While you’re at it, don’t forget to follow their Instagram, @awoopets for aesthetically pleasing content, ideas and sales. You won’t regret the cuteness!


Now your pup can enjoy their morning coffee with you! Let them chew on theirs while you sip on yours. Opal & Olive offer a Starbarks Frap Dog Toy that comes in small, medium and large. Can you say Tall, Grande, Venti? We can’t get over the quality and innovative design of these soft and squeaky Frenchie Roast plush toy. It’s a great way to pamper your pet without all the mess! Don’t think  that you are limited to only getting a frap, though. These Starbarks toys come in an array of different drink options that match with your favorites, too.



Of course, we’ve saved the best for last. Slip our box of Bonne et Filou dog macaroons into your pups stocking for an all-natural and fresh treat for the holidays. Our single boxes come with 6 macarons that are made with human-grade ingredients and are designed for a long lasting chew for your pup to keep them busy and satisfied. These haute French pet patisserie’s come in an array of flavors that include Strawberry, Lavender, Rose, Vanilla and Collagen. For multiple pets, pick from our bundles of Macaron Boxes! Your pet will be begging for more, and you’re in luck


We love to know what you and your dogs are doing during this cold holiday season. What toys are you getting? What presents have you purchased? Show us what YOU put in your pet’s stocking stuffers this holiday by tagging us on Instagram at @Bonneetfilou to show your pets off!