Winter is coming! Keeping your dog active during the cold winter months can be a challenge, especially during times where you can’t give them the proper exercise that they need outside. Believe it or not, although we love to spend time with our dogs cuddled up in front of the fireplace, our pets can become bored with this routine. Quite often when our dogs are bored inside they turn into fairly mischievous pups. To remedy this, having a supply of indoor toys that can keep your dog busy are essential. Don’t know where to start? You’re in luck. We’ve put together a list of our five favorite products to keep your pet active inside during winter.


Interactive toys like the Snuffle Mat are a fun and simple solution to indoor winter boredom for your dog. Not only will this mat keep your dog busy, but it will save any furniture or household goods from being chewed and used as a toy replacement. The Snuffle Mat is an enrichment activity that is designed to prevent boredom, encourage brainwork and reduce your dog's stress and anxiety. Hiding treats and/or small toys inside of this mat will keep your dog occupied while also training their brain and sense of smell which can drain their endless energy. If you’re a DIY maven, you can also create your own snuffle mat to use by watching Scritch’s YouTube video. When your pup is all sniffed-out, their snuffle mat can double as a cozy bed for them to take a midday snooze in just like @ewokianqueen!


Another one of our favorite products to keep our pets active during the cold winter months is the Paw Puzzle Toy. It is both an educational and eco-friendly toy for pets large and small. It is no surprise to anyone that dogs love to sniff, but what is an interesting and surprising fact to note is that scent-work is tiring for pets. Using this paw puzzle toy is a great way to tire out your pets energy while also helping them gain intelligence. One of the biggest benefits of having this toy on hand during the winter months is helping to avoid the development of possible behavioral issues caused by boredom. Other high-quality interactive puzzles for your pup can be found at West Paw and Muttropolis.


The Extendable Flirt Pole by Pupford is a toy that can be used both indoors and outdoors which makes it a great purchase for playtime with your pup. While you’re stuck inside, making sure that your dog moves around is important. With the flirt pole, you can tap into your dogs natural prey drive and give them their much needed physical exercise indoors. This pole is extendable from 10 to 23” which makes it easy to store after play. You can also take advantage of this play time and work on impulse control with your pups using commands like stop, and leave it. There are several benefits of flirt pole play such as tiring your dog, which can be read about in blog posts all over the internet.


The Wunderball by WACKY Walk’r is one of the greatest fetch toys to have for dogs of any size. The gorgeous Chocolate Labradoodle, @acemanthelabradoodle, pictured above can be seen enjoying his new bright red Wunderball at playtime. After four years of his old one, his parents thought it was time for a replacement. That’s one of the great benefits of Wunderball, they are virtually indestructible and last forever. It is both safe for your pet and the environment and is easy to clean, too. When playing with this toy indoors, make sure to clear the space of anything breakable as this ball is extremely bouncy! Finally, as if this toy couldn’t get any better, it also cleans your dog's teeth too.


Have you ever heard of a gaming device for your dog? With the Wickedbone by Cheerble, now you have. This bone-shaped gaming device allows you to play with your dog when you aren’t home from your mobile phone. It is 100% automatic and intelligent with nine different motions. It also responds differently to the way your dog reacts to it. Watch exactly how this toy works at exercising and stimulating your dog on the Wickedbone YouTube channel. Be sure to follow, @cheerbleofficial to scroll through the many furriends, such as @mooncake_thefrenchie, that already are enjoying the Wickedbone.


When it comes down to it, you know your dog best. Whether your dog is a fetch fanatic or loves to play tug-of-war, there are so many doggone toys out there for every type of pup big and small. Our list of favorite items to keep your pet active during those cold winter months is just the beginning. Do you have a list of your own favorite indoor activities for your pet? We’d love to see them. Tag us on Instagram at @bonneetfilou or find us on Facebook. Your pets favorite toys might just become ours! A little extra spoiling during this time will make your pet the happiest pup on the planet. While you’re at it, be sure to get your dog some of our all natural handmade Dog Macarons. After all, your pets have been pawfect this year, right?