Our Top 11 Pet Gifts The 2020 Holiday Season

Finding the perfect gift for your pet can be a bit difficult when you see all the wonderful toys and treats out there that your dog would love! That's why we've compiled this list of Top 11 Pet Gifts for the 2020 Holiday season.



Your pup deserves a gift, and so do you, which is why a matching friendship bracelet and dog collar is on our list! FriendshipCollar offers multiple, elegant patterns and styles. Plus you can feel good about your purchase because for every sale that is made they donate food to shelters across the USA. Browse through their selection and choose your favorite unique design for you and your pet.

Haute Diggity Dog

Haute Diggity Dog

Are you in love with your designer shoes, bags, or can't live without your Starbucks? Haute Diggity Dog is the original designer parody plush dog company that makes cute dog plush toys that mimic your favorite brands like Tory Bark, Pawda, Kennel One, Dog Perignonn, Starbarks, and so much more. Choose your favorite brands at Haute Diggity Dog.

PAW5 Snuffle Mat

PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Mat

If you're looking for an interactive gift that simulates your pup's mind, then PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Mat is the perfect gift for your dog.  The Wooly mat offer’s a completely unique and engaging enrichment toy your dog will love! Not only will this mat ensure your dog has fun quality playtime, but it also acts as a boredom cure and helps with stress and anxiety when you’re away. Learn more about the PAW5 Wolly Snuffle Mat.

Pooch Selfie

The Pooch Selfie

Are you looking for a great stocking stuffer? The Pooch Selfie is a smartphone accessory that helps you take the perfect selfies with your dog by capturing your pup's attention with a removable and squeaking ball. The Pooch Selfie website even offers double packs so you can gift it to a friend!

Thermo Pet Bed

Thermo-Water Bolster Bed

If you want a gift that will keep your pup cozy all year round, you may want to consider the Thermo-Water Bolster Bed from K&H Pet Products. K&H puts their faith in this dog bed being the ultimate in heating and cooling comfort. This Thermo-Water Bolster Bed is a durable water-filled mattress that is heated up with a heater, and during the summer, the heater can be removed to create the ultimate cooling sleep.



Does your pup treat their crate as their sanctuary? ZenCrate makes stylish crates that fit the feel and decor of your home. A ZenCrate also offers motion-activated calming music and crate legs act as shock absorbers for pets who get scared easily. Select a ZenCate as a present for both you and your pet.

Dog Macarons

Dog Macarons

Treat your pet to the best with dog macarons that you'll even want to try! Our Bonne et Filou dog macarons are made from locally sourced ingredients in the US. Your dog will love our strawberry, mint, and lavender flavors this holiday season. They are made from four simple ingredients: oat flour, honey, coconut oil, and natural yogurt. The packaging is so cute you won't even have to wrap it! Shop now at Bonne et Filou and choose your pup's favorite flavor or a variety pack so they can try them all!

Warren London Dog Spa

Dog Spa Products

If your pup loves to be pampered, Warren London carries some of the best spa dog products money can buy! Warren London has everything from doggy bath products, temporary fur color, and doggy nail polish. We love their products so much that we've added the 1 of everything gift box to our Holiday 2020 gift guide! You get one of almost everything they have. You can read all about the product you get on their product page.

Fresh Patch

Fresh Patch

Fresh Patch is another popular invention that you may have seen on Shark Tank. These grass patches are made of real grass without the dirt, making them great for the home. If you're worried about the smell, living grass absorbs liquids and even controls odors. When the patch has been used, simply dispose of the whole unit; no clean up needed! We've added the Fresh Patch to our list because we know that our pups love the feel of grass between their paws, so giving them the gift of inside grass is a must!

Blueberry Festive sweater & collars

Holiday Dog Sweaters

Planning on attending an ugly sweater party this holiday season? How about bringing your dog along for the winter festivities with these adorable holiday dog sweaters! Blueberry Pet has a wide variety of Christmas themed dog collars, harness, scarves, and sweaters for the pup in your life. They even offer sweaters for humans so the whole family can join in on the festive fun! Shop their Holiday 2020 collection for you and your pup.



Does your dog deal with anxiety? How about a gift that will help calm them during events like new years eve, fourth of July, separation anxiety, vet checkups, and more? The ThunderShirt has helped millions of dogs and cats. ThunderShirt also offers fashionable coats for trendy dogs. Give the gift of comfort and calm with ThunderShirt. There are also multiple products that you can gift as stocking stuffers like calming chews and pheromone diffusers.

Make This 2020 Holiday Season The Best For Your Pet

Whether you pick one thing from this list or all of them, your pup will love the 2020 Holiday season! There is no doubt that our dogs have enjoyed spending extra time with them this year, and to thank them for being our favorite WFH coworkers, we think treating them to something nice this holiday season is the perfect way to express our thanks! Do you have any holiday dog gifts on your must-have listed? Let us know what you're getting your dog this 2020 Holiday season!