Why (In Our Opinion) Dogs Make the Best Pets

We love our pups, and we'd do anything for them. You may have a special list of things that make your dog the best pet ever. We wanted to put together our top reasons why dogs make the best pets! We had about 100 reasons, but we've narrowed it down to 12 reasons! 

Let us know if you think we should add more!

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Woman and dog

Dogs Are Always Happy To See You

Starting off with one we all love and know, dogs are always happy to see you. Whether you've been at work all day or you walked out of the house to get the mail, dogs greet you with the same enthusiasm almost every time. Name one person who literally jumps and wiggles their butt every time you walk in the door...no one? That's what we suspected and which is why 'always happy to see you' is on our list!



Dogs Are Very Cute

You have the cutest dog, right? We think so too. Every time we walk by a dog, it puts a smile on our face because they are just too cute! The way they sit or sploot takes our heart away, and we can't help but audibly say "awww." Look at how adorable India (@indiacavalierslife) and you might have already commented how cute she is. This is why making us say "aww" 30 times a day is another reason why (in our opinion) dogs make the best pets!

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Dogs Make Great Cuddlers

Long days can take a toll on us physically and mentally, but our dogs are always there to cuddle up next to us and ensure we get the adequate serotonin that we need. Shay (@shaythedood) is always giving cuddles when needed! Good cuddlers are one of the most important reasons on our list. 

Dog and woman running

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Dogs Keep You Active

Because dogs need routine exercise, they inevitably keep us active, unlike cats, rabbits, or birds. Staying active is good for our health, which is why we included 'dogs keep us active' on our list of why dogs are the best pets.

Dog and woman on bike ride

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Dogs Exude Positive Vibes

We all have bad days here and there, but when you have a dog by your side, they can help you get your positive vibes back. Petting your dog actually does produce serotonin that helps us feel happy.


Dogs Make Us Laugh

Dogs are goofy and always give us at least one great laugh a day. We are sure that Tommy (@tommytheiggy) gives their owner at least double the number of laughs every day. Whether it's sprinting around the room with the zoomies or giving us a silly face, your dog is bound to make you laugh.

dog wine

Great Wine Down Wednesday Partners

Worried about your friend canceling your wine down Wednesday plans? Well, your dog will never cancel. Plus, while you enjoy your favorite wine, you can order your pup some dog wine, and the two of you can chat and drink your respective wines all night long.

Dog close up

Dogs Are Happy With Whatever You Give Them

Unlike cats, dogs will be happy with whatever food or treat you give them! A non-picky eater is always good in our book and is one of the reasons dogs do, in fact, make the best pets.

Dog at door

Dogs Protect Us

Some people's primary reason for getting a dog is to feel safer. Although they bark at unimportant activities sometimes, they also bark when something just isn't sitting right with them. In turn, their unusual barking alerts us and can protect us against any harm. There have been multiple stories of owners who have been warned or protected by their furry companion.

Dog and woman watching movie

Dogs Never Argue About What To Watch

If you live with your significant other or a roommate, you may have a bit of back in forth about what show or movie you want to watch, but your dog will always be happy with your selection (even if you found the movie disappointing). Plus, if you're the type that hates when people talk during a film, you won't have to worry about your pup! 

Woman and dog in kitchen

When You're Ready For A Snack, They Are Too!

One of the best parts about having a dog is you'll never snack alone! Your pup won't judge you for that midnight snack; they would also love to join you.

Woman and dog in bed

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Dogs Make Sure We Stick To Our Schedule

Schedules are essential when you have a job, and luckily as a dog owner, you'll never accidentally oversleep when you have a hunger dog mouth to feed! Dog's are great at waking us up early and ensuring we are ready for the day.

Corgi is a dog name

Dogs Remind Us That There Is Good In The World

Sometimes it's hard to see the good in the world, but dogs remind us that they will be at our side to shower us with licks, cuddles, and funny faces through the ups and downs. We see all of the great, lovable dogs on Instagram; it brings a smile to our face every time. 

Dogs (In Our Opinion) Are The Best Pets

There you have it! Our 12 reasons why dogs make the best pets, it's practically science! Remember to show your furry companion all the love and affection you possibly can. Dogs make our lives so much better by helping us mentally and physically. 

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Also, let us know any reasons you think dogs make the best pets!

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