8 Activities to Celebrate the Best of Dog Dad Day

With most of your days being relatively busy due to work, you wish to celebrate Father’s Day with your dear doggo.

Well, what’s a better occasion to make it a Dog Day Day and shower sweetness over your furball! At Bonne Filou, we understand the unique, affectionate bond shared between dads and doggos. In the spirit of celebrations, we have enlisted a bunch of super-fun activities you can do with your munchkin. Start by getting all dressed up, with a Fist Bump Pup Dog Bandana and Tag along to explore 8 fun activities to celebrate the best of Dog Dad Day!


Does your four-legged friend love the outdoors? Well, who doesn’t, and hiking obviously tops the list of best outdoor activities with your pooch, ask our friend Arlo! Whether you want to get fresh mountain air in the summer or enjoy fall, take your furry mate to a fun hiking trail. Both dogs and dads love some workouts, so explore the best dog-friendly hiking trails around NYC for an adventure-filled day.

What's more? You can also set a day camp to spend the day with your doggo and unplug from the world. We know every doggo loves some undivided attention and me-time with the alpha of the family.


How about getting matching outfits for the dog and the dog? We know you love to do all kinds of crazy with your furry friend, and custom clothes will be an addition to that. Besides, your doggos would love matching with their daddy. After all, who doesn’t love to be a daddy’s doggo!

Looking for inspiration? Topher Brophy is the most rad dog dad you will come across. Check out his profile, and you'll be amazed at the kind of customs he and his doggo come out with! You might as well connect with the thedogstyler for styling tips or getting photographed with your munchkin.


Be the one who lets the dogs out and spend this Dog Dad Day with other doggies and daddies. An excellent way of celebrating this day is by throwing a pool party for all the furballs in the vicinity. No, you need not make it a massive affair, a small gathering would be even better. Call the dog dads, you know, and let the pooches in the pool. You might as well play water volleyball with the team. Doesn’t that sound like a fun plan!

Looking for an easier option? Visit a Dog Pool with the gang.


Dads would love some chocolate cake on their day, but what about your little munchkin? Well, with Bonne et Filou by your side, you need not worry.

We prepare the most scrumptious macarons, especially for furballs like yours. You can choose these without a freckle of worry as these are:

  • 100% natural
  • Corn-free
  • Wheat-free
  • No artificial colors
  • Zero preservatives
  • Endorsed by vets

Sounds like an extensive list? Well, when it comes to our cutest four-legged friends, we leave no room for flaws. Besides, how can we gobble all the treats without sharing them with our furry mates!


If you are looking for some daddy-doggo bonding time, nothing is better than a spa day at home. Yes, you read that right. While every canine may not like to visit a dedicated pet salon, they can still enjoy a full-fledged spa. With a few tools and pet care toiletries, you are all good to give your munchkin a spa. Start with a good head and body massage followed by a long bath. We offer Rose and Lavender Hemp Shampoos for well-moisturized doggo skin. These are packed with essential oils that will enrich your munchkin's skin and mood with a fantastic fragrance.


While dogs love some dad time, they would be overjoyed with all their favorite hoomans around (and so would you)! Organize a family picnic with a basket full of yummy food and your doggo’s favorite toys. You can visit dog-friendly parks, hiking trails or even set up a picnic spot by the beach. Layout a mat set up an umbrella, spread the food, and voila! Yes, you heard that right. Pet picnic by the beach is a thing. Check out how this pair of pretty nycyorkiegirls is spending their birthday with a beach-side picnic.


Doggos love outdoor activities, but you can also have an amazing day with indoor games, like our friend @whitefluffy_floof. Plus, if you are lazy to go out or the weather won't allow you to, this is downright the best option.

An excellent option is to teach your intelligent little munchkin some new games. These are not only good for the body but also work up the mind almost equally. Here's a list of some mind-boggling games:

  • Find the Food – the doggo searches for treats through its scent.
  • Collect the Toys – picking up all the toys scattered on the floor and placing them into a box.
  • New Tricks – your pooch going under, over, and through obstacles


    You can come up with zillions of ideas to make Dog Dad Day a memorable one for yourself and your furry mate. However, some pooches long for this affection. One of the best activities you can do this Father’s day is donate for the doggos without dads. We have curated a list of dog welfare centers that’d appreciate this gesture, irrespective of how big or small it is.


    Are you ready for the party? Whether you binge-watch your favorite shows with your lapdog on the couch or plan an outdoor activity, we got you covered. Make this special day even more memorable with a box of macarons. Each box comes packed with 6 irresistible hard treats for your pooch. So, you can even break it for multiple servings or shower an entire group of doggos with treats.

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