Did you know that Dog Moms Day was a thing? It’s the day before Mother’s Day. But, at Bonne et Filou, we celebrate the whole weekend! As dog moms, we do a lot to make sure our pups live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. So, on this upcoming National Dog Mom’s Day, we think you deserve to do something fun, and we recommend some special ways to celebrate.


While many now know “there’s an app for that,” we can add the creation of National Dog Mom’s Day to the list of innovative contributions. This holiday - and soft opener for another that honors mothers of a different species, was created by “Dig” the “Dog Person’s Dating App” to acknowledge the intense love and connection between female parents and their canines.

If you are reading this, there is no need to explain the feeling of the sweet sense of community that comes with it. While every day is an opportunity to bask with those who bark, this coming Saturday will be the fourth anniversary and an occasion to indulge the millions of moms with four-legged families. And, if love for dogs is your guiding light, then Dig is a beacon to help find more of your people.


Inspiring change in your community or for a cause that improves the lives of others can be powerful in many ways. As a big-hearted dog lover, you have already made room for more and are part of a breed that is widely known as charitable and giving. Consider donating to some less fortunate furry ones as you snuggle your own with gratitude.

Here is a shortlist of links that will lengthen your love chain:

You can also win with more love and add “Gotcha Day” to next year’s celebrations. Our friends at Petcube share the particulars on how, what and why to adopt a dog as you consider.


As the name would imply, you might think National Dog Mom’s Day is mostly about “Mom.” Like the best mothers we know, the most genuine happiness is derived from the enjoyment of others and the activities that please them the most. Here are some remarkable ways to capture more wags in a day and to reward the joy and unconditional love received year-round:

  • Get Outdoors for a Hike with Your Pup

Explore a New Trail or Visit a Dog Park where you can all roam freely. Find a special place near you with AllTrails. Getting social is good for all souls, and so is exercise.
Bonne et Filou was born in NYC, so naturally, we have some favorite hiking spots for dogs in New York. Check them out here.

  • Pamper Your Dog’s Mom

Here is permission to reward yourself or someone you know who has dedicated themselves to caring for some of the sweetest spirits among us. Known for glass sculpture, Simon Pearce reflects the pure-of-heart that our dogs provide. And if you’re into lounging and would love to see your dog as a logo, there are pajamas you can customize that will seem extra cozy. A girl can never have too much jewelry, and you can enjoy a favorite of mother’s everywhere by adding this adorable paw print charm from Helen Ficalora to your collection.

  • Celebrate with Special Treats!

Special Treats are an easy way to please, and we’ve got the 411 for all K-9s with good taste: Handmade French macarons from Bonne et Filou: for every palate with a variety of flavors including Rose, Vanilla, Lavender, Mint and Strawberry. On-trend and locally sourced with all natural ingredients, these are guaranteed to satisfy and are made with royalty in mind.

Whatever you choose to do, from Bonne Et Filou we wish your dogs and you “Bonne Fête!”
At Bonne et Filou, we love our dogs, our customer's dogs, and all the dogs around the world. We want to see how you are celebrating National Dog Mom’s Day with your four-legged friends, so tag @BonneetFilou in your Instagram stories and posts!