You may or may not have heard of someone use the term Doga before, but we’re here to break it down for everyone. Doga, a paw-dorable nickname for dog yoga, is a trending yoga practice that includes your royal four-legged friend. Yoga in and of itself is known to provide numerous benefits to both body and mind. So why not include your pet in this beneficial practice? The pose downward dog is named that for a reason. Let’s be honest, though, in doga, our pets won’t actually be able to flow through poses as we can. However, it can be beneficial for them being by calming energy and enjoying specific yoga stretches.



With yoga such a widely-known and appreciated practice, most people know its benefits for us humans. However, not many people are aware of the number of advantages it can have for our pups, too! Not only will doga be a bonding experience for pet and owner, but it also brings benefits that include:

  • Providing Relaxation and stress relief
  • Soothing an anxious animal
  • Improving your pet’s circulation
  • Acting as a modified exercise for injured dogs

By practicing different poses and stretches with your pup, you will both come out of the practice more calm and centered. Just ask @cactusthedoodle, who is enjoying his owner’s daily yoga practice in quarantine!



  1. DOGA CHATURANGA: This pose is popular in yoga and is known as a “four-limbed staff pose” or a low plank. However, in doga, this Chataranga pose is modified for our pups. Simply have your pet lay down on all fours next to you and pet their back. Although this pose is simple, your dog will appreciate the love and attention it gives. For those who prefer it, a side stretch can take place simultaneously to increase complexity.
  2. DOWNWARD DOG: You didn’t think we would miss out on including the one pose with the name dog in it, did you? You may have seen your pet do this pose all on its own before. For this pose, you should place both hands and feet (and four paws) firmly on the ground. Both owner and dog should have their body in a ‘V’ shape that allows for a deep stretch. 
  3. BALASANA: Unless you’re a regular yogi, you may not know that Balasana is the child’s pose that everyone adores. If you and your pup love to cuddle, you’ll both love this pose! Begin with your dog at the top of the mat, laying with their front paws extended. Next, you’ll want to sit your knees comfortably behind them and lean forward so that your arms are stretched out forward around your furry friend. With your head on their back, let the relaxation and cuddles begin.
  4. SEATED BRIDGE: We had to include a fun pose in our list of doga poses, and the seated bridge is no exception. Get ready for your pup to be seated right on top of you as you bridge your body. Simply create an arch with your body with your feet and shoulders firmly on the ground. Let your dog jump up on your body, and voila! They’re king of the world!
  5. SAVASANA: This pose is also a well-known pose to all of the yogis out there. The Savasana pose, also known as the corpse pose, acts as a final relaxation after a yoga session. To do this with your pet, have them lay on their back with their belly exposed. Breathing slowly and controlled, you can begin to rub your pet’s belly and give them your final appreciation for completing this yoga or doga session with you.

If you live in NYC, we encourage you to visit, which has lively doga classes every Saturday and Sunday! The certified instructor for this class will guide participants through a gentle flow, allowing the dogs to eventually joinPUP YOGA PRACTICES


Now that you have a whole new meaning of downward-facing dog, there are a few last things to note. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t able to tell us when something hurts or when they need to nama-sit and stay out of the yoga practice. It’s essential to pay close attention to your pet during a doga practice to ensure that they are comfortable. Never force your sweet, innocent pup to do a pose that they aren’t able to or from one they seem to be shying away. Let your pet take the lead in your flow. We recommend that hesitant pet owners always consult their vet before taking part in a doga class in-studio or at home.



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