We celebrate Memorial Day to honor the bravery of those who gave their lives in the service of our country. As a French brand with close American ties, we pay our respects to all. And, with dogs as our raison d'être, we salute some four-legged soldiers who famously served with the U.S. K9 Military Corps. Their acts of heroism are extraordinary and another wonderful affirmation of why our beloved animals have earned the recognition of man’s best friend.

Chips, Kaiser, Nemo, Smoky, and Stubby were all wartime dogs who saw action, came under enemy fire, were included in combat missions, and took down the enemy. As they patrolled and protected under fire and during air raids, they were members of an elite force who sniffed out spies and poison gas and pulled telegraph wire through narrow pipes. They represented the United States and some of the best breeds, including Collies, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, and Pit Bull and Yorkshire Terriers.

Learn more about Smoky in his memoir: Yorkie Doodle Dandy and revel in remembrance on the website StubbyDog that fetes a canine who created a community.


While we are always in the spirit, this is a weekend that adds more color. Many of us will prance with the town parade and wear patriotism with pride. With a temperament bred for traditions and pageantry of many kinds, we include our fur family and finally look forward to the crowds.

Your dog can join in the fun as well as the fashion with some Memorial Day merch that will turn heads and maybe even attract the pup-arazzi. Shop online and create more photo opportunities with the following festive accessories:

  • With bows and bandanas, visit PUCCI Pet Boutique to dress up your pet and donate to adoption with every adorable purchase.
  • CREW LALA blends southern charm with holiday style with stars and stripes for collars and leashes - and pick up something special for your favorite human while you’re at it.
  • With the mounds of fruit salad, cookies, and cupcakes too, pets also deserve something healthy and delicious to chew. Level up on those licks and entertain in style with something fresh and unique like handmade macarons from Bonne et Filou. They are an all-natural fit for a celebratory palate with French flair and flag-colored flavors dogs love: Vanilla and Collagen 


For those who love a good bark-gain, this is a weekend to indulge. With appliances, mattresses, and TVs for sale, we wag more when we can spoil the animals we adore. Here is the low down on some high-end goods that help to make domesticated life great:

  • From large to lap dogs, The Dapple will do it for every lifestyle. Beware – you could go wild with all they have to offer.
  • Here is the scoop on an accessory that lets your dog carry his own – well, you know. Bundle and save with Pink Papyrus and their BFF (Be Free Forever) that will set you free.       

Explore the Great Dehors 

There is a big focus on the day and the last Monday in May, but the long weekend announces the arrival that summer is on its way. Everybody is out to enjoy the fresh air with get-togethers and activities of all kinds that include every breed. If your beagle bikes and your water dog can sail, and your hound likes to hike, and you are glamping with tails, here is some outdoor gear that will get you going:

  • Enjoy bikejoring (dog-powered mountain biking) where Non-stop dogwear supplies all the equipment for you to take a back seat or the Buddyrider™ that keeps your dog safely there. Our friends at PetSide remind us to wear a helmet.
  • BAYDOG will keep you worry-free and your dog afloat with a wide variety of life vests.
  • Safely sniff out new trails with a dog carrier backpack from Ruff Houzin and pull an all-nighter with all of the creature comforts that Dog Helios can provide with the ultimate water-resistant travel bed.

Loyalty Comes Naturally

The theme on Memorial Day Bonne et Filou lives every day because dog lovers appreciate loyalty as a redeeming quality. Our canines will go to great lengths to delight us and to defend us – because they are hardwired to please. With a mission to reward organic virtue with natural goodness that dates to royalty – and the reign of King Louis XIV - we have created a brand to nourish that connection.

We’re putting out a call for any precious pups out there interested in collaborating with us. If you have a PAW-togenic dog and are interested in working with our team, please contact us using our Instagram DM’s at @BonneetFilou! If you have any questions about our company or the products we offer, you can contact us using our contact page, via telephone at (917) 979-5955 or via email at contact@BonneEtFilou.com. We look forward to hearing from you.