Reasons Your Dog Makes the Best Valentine's Date!

All the buzz about Valentine's day and your friends planning their dates has left you wondering about yours. Perhaps, you wish to do something unique instead of following the flock and indulging in cliché practices.

How about making your furry mate your date?

Although you don't need any, we bring you 6 reasons your dog makes the best Valentine's date!

Yes, they're the cutest creatures, oh-so good looking, make you laugh, and always stay by your side. There couldn't be a better ideal date!

Just like our adorable friend @rockynycmorkie here, who’s enjoying refreshing cocktails with his date!

So, without waiting anymore, allons-y – let’s go!

Furballs Give the Best Hugs

When you feel low and want to hug a teddy bear, you just grab a live, warm ball of fur that's so full of love. C'est la vie – that's life!

Most doggos love snuggling way more than you do, and their hugs are hands down the best in the world.

Pups Adore You for Your Inner Beauty

Unlike any random date who may not acknowledge you for being the beautiful you, pups see the human you are. They adore you for your inner beauty, irrespective of your looks or opinions.

If you love them with your whole heart, that's what you get in return – except, it's tenfold!

They will watch you roam around with their puppy eyes (pun intended), wagging their tales in admiration.

Pooches Are Always Excited to See You: Like the First Time, Every Time

Do you get bored when you meet a date for the 3rd or 4th time? Well, pooches are just the opposite.

You can see the rush of excitement and joy through your furball's paced-up breaths, runs, and fast-moving tail.

They are as excited to see you every single time as if they were meeting you for the first time. If that's not a quality in an ideal Valentine's date, what is!

Just look at this grown-up kid Ranger from @rangerandrhett all smiles to see his hooman!

Doggos Love To Follow You Around

Wait, we know you don't want a stocker! But if the stocker has silk-smooth fur, star-like shiny eyes, and a cute buttoned nose, you wouldn't mind it, would you?

If you wish for a date to tag along with you, we got you covered.

These furballs just love being with their hooman, and if you take them for an outing, they'd be overjoyed.

Look at our friend Andy from @mydoggiedaily accompanying mama while shopping.

From movie halls to shopping sprees, they'll accompany you everywhere without even questioning your long bills!

How perfect is that!

Dogs Will Never Leave You For Another Hooman

Do you fear your date will end up leaving you because that's what humans do?

Your furry friend eliminates the chance of any such instances. Once they claim you, they will never leave you for another hooman or doggo. The bond is for life!

Besides, these dates are anything but chic and elegant just like our adorable friend @DollyPawton here.

Warning: They may not readily share you with another pooch or human, too. Once you're theirs, these munchkins want you all to themselves – even more adorable.

You Can Easily Find Plenty of Valentine’s Day Treats

If you think the right gift doesn’t exist, well, you need not think anymore! With a fluffly, lovesome doggo as your date, you need not worry about choosing a Valentine’s gift – the options are countless.

From cute little toys like a champagne bottle to oh-so-chic pet bowls, you can pick anything you like (or both).

The best gift, however, surely has to be the perfect dog macarons. Yes, you read that right! These are scrumptious treats handmade with love, keeping doggos' taste buds in mind.

Look at our friend enjoying healthy and paw-licking good macarons from @bonneetfilou.

Besides, they’re all very pocket-friendly. So, forget saving up for the V-day gift. Buy yourself a gift as well as one for your munchkin, and enjoy the date!

This Valentine’s Day, Date Your Furry Mate

There are countless reasons your dog makes the best Valentine's date. From being your best friend since day one to the most loyal being in your life, furballs are matchless.

Besides, dating your pooch comes with infinite perks, the biggest one being you need not share your food. You can have that cheese pizza and wine all by yourself while your doggie savors treats like strawberry macarons. Doesn't that sound like an ideal date?

Needless to say, they're absolutely gorgeous, almost angelic, that no human date can ever replace, or even come close.

Look at our friend @orkyeh all set for the date.

Can you already imagine how fun it would be?

So don’t wait. This Valentine’s Day, shop for your fur-ever valentine from Bonne Et Filou, and date your furry mate!