Our Top 6 Favorite Dogstagram Trends This Month

One of our favorite things to do on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok is to look at all the cute pet trends! There are some classic hashtags we always explore like #Dogstagram, but then there are some hashtags that unexpectedly start becoming a great addition to the online world. 

Our favorite #dogstagram trends during August 2020 are: 
We came across these adorable and hilarious Instagram hashtags, and we had to share what we found with you! Check out these hashtags yourself and let us know your favorite Dogstagram trends!
@Hazeldogofficial Dog Food Puzzle


The 'Dog Puzzles' hashtag is not only adorable, but it's also great for dogs too! @Hazeldogofficial seems to be enjoying their dog food puzzle and has some great tips on why it’s a great idea, especially for pups! We love seeing all the great puzzle options our dogs have when it comes to fighting boredom and even to help improve behavior. The 'Dog Puzzles' hashtag is full of great videos, pictures, and reviews that can help you decide on which puzzle or interactive toy will be best for your fur friend. If your pup has their favorite puzzle, why not give your review photos or videos and tag it with #DogPuzzles?
@Somedoodnamedscout at the beach


A seasonal favorite of ours is the 'Beach Dog' hashtag! @Somedoodnamedscout captured our attention! A great happy birthday bandana can truly take your beach day picture to the next level. Our favorite part of the 'Beach Dog' hashtag is seeing all the dogs enjoying the sand, water, and much needed shade. There is no shortage of cute beach outfits either, dog bathing suits and dog sunglasses are everywhere. Something people may not realize is that when you follow the Beach Dog hashtag, you can find great dog-friendly beaches to take your pup to! This hashtag can keep you updated on the best dog-friendly beaches, dog products, and more!
 @cockapoovera Disney Dog Challenge Photo


The newest dog trend taking the internet by storm is the 'Disney Dog Challenge!' This adorable and fun hashtag trend actually originated on Snapchat, but everyone saves their pictures and videos and shares them on the gram. @cockapoovera is ready to appear in the next Disney dog film with this new filter. We absolutely love how this works on dogs of all breeds and sizes and makes them look like a real-life Disney Dog. If you know someone who is absolutely in love with all things Disney be sure to pass along this trend to them. There does seem to be a miscommunication on where the filter is. We wanted to let you know where to find the Disney dog filter so you can try it on your pup! For this filter, you'll need a Snapchat account, and the filter is labeled as the cartoon face. Enjoy and make sure to tag @BonneetFilou in your Disney Dog Challenge photo!
@Pippaontheprowl hiking photo


We came across the 'Dogs On Hikes' hashtag and couldn't get enough of the high-quality photos. Every photo looks like they could be the cover of an adventure magazine. We could tell that @PippaOnTheProwl is no newbie to hikes and adventures. This photo of Pippa in a hammock barks experience! 'Dogs On Hikes' is another unique hashtag to follow if you're looking for great hiking spots for you and your dog. The posts usually have great tips for bringing your dog on outdoor experiences too. If you are looking to get out of the house but still practice safe social distancing, a hiking trip may be an excellent adventure for you and your pet, and this hashtag is a great place to start.
@upnorthwanderers in a life jacket


Safety is no accident! And that's one of the reasons we love scrolling through the recent 'Dogs in Life Jackets' hashtag. We absolutely adored this shot of @upnorthwanderers! Riv is too adorable in her life jack and looking as majestic as ever! One of the most amusing parts of this hashtag is the many videos showing first-timers that are unable to keep their balance while wearing their new life jacket. The outcome is always adorably funny and unquestionably a must-see. We love seeing all the water-loving dogs on this hashtag. So, please keep your dog safe and make sure they have a life jacket during your next water adventure.
Tongue out Tuesday


A classic and an always enjoyable hashtag we love scrolling through is 'Tounge Out Tuesday.' A pup that always seems to be ready for #ToungeOutTuesday is @Finnthecavapoo18. We couldn't help but love this photo the moment we saw it while scrolling through #ToungeOutTuesday. Now that we are certainly feeling the heat of the summer, we expect we're going to see a lot more photos of pups on the Tounge Out Tuesday hashtag. We can always rely on this hashtag to highlight some adorable dogs.

What Are Your Favorite Dog Hashtags On Instagram?

These six Instagram hashtags are our favorites for August 2020! We are excited to keep an eye out on the newest Disney Dog Challenge hashtag and see what other cute dogs participate. Let us know what your favorite Dogstagram hashtag is on Instagram! We love scrolling through the countless dog photos and videos! And remember to check out all the great dogs we mentioned in this blog post, you won't be disappointed! 
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