5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Dog This National Dog Day

This August 26th is National Dog Day! As if we needed a national holiday to celebrate our fur-babies. National Dog Day was started in 2004 by Colleen Paige, an animal advocate, and pet & family lifestyle expert. She started National Dog Day on August 26th because it was the day her family adopted their first dog. 

Colleen started National Dog Day as a way to educate the public about the number of dogs that need rescuing each year and to acknowledge how great dogs are in society and in our home lives. 

How to celebrate National Dog Day

The official website gives excellent examples of how to celebrate National Dog Day.

  1. Adopt a pet
  2. Volunteer at your local dog shelter
  3. Check your home for any potential hazards for your dog
  4. Make a donation of food, blankets, and toys to animal shelters
  5. Have a dog party with your friends and their dogs
  6. Buy your dog a new toy or treat

The National Dog Day website has a variety of ways to celebrate! 

Why We Should Celebrate Our Dogs

This National Dog Day, we want to remind everyone what a positive impact dogs make in our lives. Here are our top five reasons to celebrate our dogs this August 26th!

Dog Macaron Treats - Walking a Dog
1. They promote healthier hearts

During the Mayo Clinic Minute, Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez discussed how a study revealed that those who have dogs are more likely to have a healthier heart. Dr. Francisco mentioned that they found that those who owned dogs exercised regularly, ate a healthy diet, and had overall better blood sugar levels. He goes on to relate how having a dog helps us with our heart health because dogs can help boost our mood and encourage us to stay active by taking them out for walks and performing other fun physical activities. You can read the Mayo Clinic Minute transcript here. We love that our dogs keep us not only happy, but also healthy.

Dog Macaron Treats - Woman and Dog
2. They help us with stress

In 2019, Washington State University did a study with 249 students randomly divided into four groups. One group interacted directly with cats and dogs, one watched a slideshow of the animals, one viewed the other group playing with the animals, and the last group was promised to interact with the cats and dogs at a later date. Their study found that just 10 minutes of interaction had a significant impact on the stress levels of the first group. Petting your dog can release oxytocin and decrease cortisol, the stress hormone. Life can be stressful, but our dogs are always there to help us through it!

Dog Macaron Treats - Man and Dog
3. They help us appear more attractive

There have been multiple social studies on this topic, and all of them point to: Yes! Our furry friends can help us find love! There was a study conducted by Match.com that surveyed 1,210 people and found that women were more attracted to men who owned dogs than men were attracted to women who owned dogs. Our dogs look cute, and they help us look cute too!

Dog Macaron Treats - Service Dog
4. They keep us safe 

We want to celebrate dogs this National Dog Day because they do a great job keeping us safe. Service dogs are of 'a different breed' that go above and beyond for their human. Whether they help them overcome physical obstacles, detect oncoming seizure, smell out peanuts in a room, or with emotional support. If you've ever searched #ServiceDog on Instagram, you may have come across @Peak.and.me, an adorable poodle that is a psychiatric service dog in training! We are so grateful for you, Peak, and all assistance dogs out there this National Dog Day! We also want to give a shoutout to all the different service dogs there are:

  • Therapy Dogs
  • Police Dogs
  • Military Dogs
  • Detection Dogs
  • Herding Dogs
  • Search and Rescue Dogs

The Spruce Pets can give you even more details about these working dogs and how they help keep us safe. 

Dog Macaron Treats - Girl and Dog
5. They make the best companions

One of the best parts of owning a dog is companionship. They are always there for us, ready to give attention and comfort at a moment's notice. Owning a dog has been shown even to help reduce anxiety, depression, and loneliness. There have also been studies that have shown that children who grow up with pets tend to be more secure and active in their adult life. Nothing can replace the unconditional love and companionship our dogs provide. 

Celebrate Your Dog By Keeping Them Safe & Healthy 

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Here's to celebrating your dog on National Dog Day and keeping them healthy for years to come.

Celebrate This August 26th With Your Best Furiend

At Bonne et Filou, we love our dogs, our customer's dogs, and all the dogs around the world. We want to see how you are celebrating National Dog Day 2020 with your four-legged friends. Don't forget to give them a very delicious treat and give them all the attention and affection they deserve. We want to see your doggy love, so tag @BonneetFilou in your Instagram stories and posts!